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Here are some videos and other resources about how to write a book report and on the man himself – Roald Dahl. Can you find out about how to write a book report? Get inspired by Dahl too. Next week you will be writing a book report on your favourite Roald Dahl book. Time to get prepared!

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Place Value – What is it? What does it mean?

Hi all,

Next week we are going to start to look at place value during mathematics.

What is place value?

What do you already know? What do you understand?

What could you share with the rest of year 5?

Could you link the work covered on Roman Numerals?

Here are a few links to videos that might help. Perhaps you could add some better links that you find.


Good luck! Ask any questions as you go and as a team we will try to help!

Mrs M and Mrs M


Roald Dahl Week

Tuesday 13th September would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and is Roald Dahl day across the country. To celebrate, we will be having a week dedicated to one of the most popular authors, beginning with a viewing of the BFG on Monday at Lings Forum and ending in a dressing up day on the 16th.

What are your favourite Roald Dahl books? Which are your favourite characters? What do you know about Roald Dahl? Where did he get his ideas from for his stories? What other things has he done in his life?

roald dahl

Maths Logic

Can you solve these problems?

Good luck Mrs M

Problem 1

Ann, Boris, Carla, and David are talking about their favourite food. They know they all like different foods and these are: curry fish and chips lasagne chicken burgers

  • Boris does not like chips.
  • Ann will not eat chicken.
  • One of the boys likes fish.
  • One of the girls likes burgers.
  • Neither of the boys likes spicy food. Which person likes what food?


Problem 2

David, Eddie and Fred, three brothers, are marrying three sisters, Gina, Hana, and Iris.

Eddie is the oldest brother and Fred is the youngest brother.

Hana is the middle sister, while Iris is the oldest.

Fred works as a plumber and Gina is a computer programmer.

From the clues below can you find out who the couples are?

  • Hana is not engaged to the plumber.
  • The youngest girl will marry the middle brother.

The Hundred Word Challenge

Choose one of the images of the characters from the photos and write a characterisation using no more than 100 words. We want to know, not only what they look like, but clues about their personality.

Choose your words carefully, making sure every single word earns it’s place within the paragraph. Draw on your knowledge of creating an effect and ensure that the reader is able infer about your character. Use your sentence structures to add variety to your ideas.

Your homework is to write your own character description and then to write a comment on someone else’s 100 word challenge.

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