Who was Edgar Mobbs?

We worked with actor Kieron today, looking at the story of Edgar Mobbs. Who was Edgar Mobbs? What did you learn about his life? Blog your thoughts here. They will help with this term’s home learning challenge.

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  1. Edgar Mobbs:
    He is someone who fought in the war and was a rugby player before the war. He use to be a rugby player so in the tunnel he through the ball into no mans land, and never got caught. He shared out his food like everyone else. Also he told everyone the letters he had from his wife-my mrs. He missed his daughter riding the wooden bicycle he made before he left for the war. He is a brave amazing Man!

    I feel sad because he missed out on a lot of the stuff he should have been there for. It made me feel happy because of the time before the war started. You have to be hopeful, be proud of yourself as well. NEVER GIVE UP!

  2. Edgar Mobbs was born 29 June 1882 and his place of birth is Northampton,England
    edgar mobbs was a rugby player he went to bedford Modern School.He joined the world war 1 and he made his own sportsmen club. Edgar was killed in action,in july 31 1917 at Zillebeke during the third battle Ypres,while attacking a machine gun post his body had never been found so his name is on the menin gate memorial.

  3. Well for a start his name was edgar robets mobbs.He was born on the 29th of june 1882.On the tragic loss of edgar mobbs the family imedletly kept all of his belongs as a keep safe.This tragic day was on the 31 of july 1917. He was so young when he dided (35).As there were so many exiting moments with this exrodonery man lets talk aboit tha.tHIs position at the saints was the wing .He played fot the saint for 1year.Unfortunately I have to tell you how he dided . Edgar mobbs dided in action by a machine gun post.

  4. Edgar Mobbs

    BORN: 29 June 1882

    DIED:31JULY , 1917 [aged 35]

    FULL NAME: Edgar , Robert, Mobbs

    Edgar Mobbs played for Northampton and England his potion was the wing, when the Great war started he sighed up but got turned down as he was to old so he made his own sportsman company called Mobbs own.Unfortunately he died in the war and his body was never found

  5. Edger Mobbs is a special man that fought for our country and actually has a family in his background that cares about him and they are sally,tommy and his wife. He got a letter from his family and it said that little sally had learned to ride her wooden bike and he was in tears for her,he was so proud of sally for giving it a go.But afterwards he died. And he was just an average,extraordinary man.

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