Visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company

Wow, what a day! We travelled to Stratford-upon-Avon where the incredible staff at the RSC took us through the story of Hamlet.

Blog anything about your experiences today. What is the play about? Tell us about the characters. What lines can you remember? What have you learned today?



3 thoughts on “Visit to the Royal Shakespeare Company

  1. Wow!!!!!! What a day at straffod apon aven we got to go to rsc royal Shakespeare company . First of all we met steven and he told us all about our day.Next we met Fi and she told us about Hamlet .I LOVED it all.I did not have a great part because it was all fun .I would like to thank the rsc for letting us come because I thought it s a great experience.

  2. Learning shakespeare with phee was very interesting we did lots of role-play we were in partners one of use was Hamlet ad one of use was Ophilia we both did script telling Ophilia gave back all of Hamlets gifts he was very sad after the first half we hade a walk outside and we say statuse of Hamlets family then we were ready for the second half we played agame the way the game works is phee has her back on all of use and if she sees use moving she will ask use do you think i should kill claudious and why
    we had a really good day at stratford thank you phee and be or not to be that is the question!!!!

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