Fairy Tales

Our production at the end of the school year will be based around fairy tales (but with a twist). We will be writing it over the next term, so, as preparation, we would like you to find out anything you can about fairy tales. Find some, read some, think about the characters, settings and storylines, and come back to school ready to be immersed in them.

Have a great Easter and see you on Tuesday 14th April.

2 thoughts on “Fairy Tales

  1. If some one dies then its a tragedy ,if it makes you laugh then its a comedy.If someone loves some one then its a romance and if someone loves someone but it’s funny its a romcom.

  2. The term fairy tale was made by a French lady called Catherine d ‘aulnoy in the late 17th century but the opening words ‘Once upon a time’ has been dated back to Chaucer in the 14th century.

    I am sorry that I couldn’t do a lot I only noticed on the blog today !!!!!!!!!!!!
    by kelise

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