21 thoughts on “If…

  1. I would be a feline (cat). Cats are supremely independent. They luxuriate in the sun and are always sleeping. My cats have always been graceful, except for Smudge, who falls off everything… I might change my mind!!

  2. I would be a octerpuse because they are realy smart and they eat sharks also when ever I am angery I just scwert ink in there face and swim of πŸ™

  3. I would be a lion because there very mischievous and sometimes they can kill people but that’s not why I like them I also would be a panda because one they are endangered and also look very quite they are also look so soft and cuddly . 🐯 🐻 πŸ‘§

  4. i would be a kitten because i would want to try cat food and been lit after and i would like people to stroka me. from beau mrs b techer.

  5. I would be a suck because you can fly across the oceans and into the Amazon ,I’ve always wanted to go to the Amazon, I would also like to be a wolf because you hunt in packs and wolves are very smart when it comes to hunting or being hunted.

  6. I would like to be a rabbit because I love them there also very cute.I love baby one there my favourite and I actoly got to to hold one.

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