Look guys you really need to sort out your spellings. Endless lists and tests don’t work. You have to learn by sight, or use little rhymes plus proof read your work. Non-negotiables: with, where, wear, were, went, when, could, would, should, there, their, they’re, some, come, every, any. I’ll be looking for the most improved over the next few weeks. 

9 thoughts on “Spellings!!!

  1. I may be a year six level speller but that don’t mean I can spell everything.i practice my spellings 2 times a day and if I struggled with one the day before I go back to that word and study so I find out what it means.

  2. I know loads of spellings and at my over school my spelling age was about 13 or 12.I still can’t spell everything though I do know how to spell a few bits of supercalyfragaliaticexpialidocous see I still can’t spell it properly.

    • Over school? Don’t forget to read your comments before sending, especially when replying to a spelling blog! Mrs Mansfield

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