Complex Halloween


Spooky times are upon us. Can you write some complex sentences based on the theme of Halloween?
Here are mine:

The witch, who was haggard and wizened, carefully added her most foul ingredients into the blackened cauldron.

Even though the room smelt like an Apothecary’s shop, the black cat seemed immune to the toxic smells around him.

26 thoughts on “Complex Halloween

  1. Here is one,

    Report!!! Report!!! The wicked witch has ESCAPED!!! 😱😱😱,
    It only gets worse then the princess shoes are MISSING!!!,
    Besides at least we are safe and sound. Here are some of the wittness words,
    “Froget about the evil enime we are SAFE!! That was the icing to my cake, don’t say a word to my tiny Angeles about the consciences that we are going through. ZIP IT!!! 😣😣😣

      • Well done Thomas! Remember when writing a longer piece, we may only slip in one example otherwise we lose the flow to our writing. Did mum or dad know any?

    • I love your energy in your writing Thomas! There are some great ideas here! Next time remember to read through your comment to check it is in full sentences before postingπŸ˜… Now see if you can make this better for the reader

      • Heres my improved piece,

        Report!!! Report!!! The criminal witch has disappeared to be no were go been seen! Well, it only gets worse than that… The princess ruby shoes are been stolen!!!
        Here are some of the citizens words, “The witch is gone!!!” Sorry!!! We are safe as pie. “Oh,we are safe… Froget about the witch we are safe!!! That was the icing to my cake!!!” Well, don’t say a word to any tiny Angels!!! ZIP IT!!! 😯😯😯

        That’s my improved sentence!!!

  2. Here is mine:
    The wicked Witch made all the children, who were Trick-or-Treating, think she was kind and caring however, she was thinking that she might put them in the boiling cauldron and make them into, what she called delicious soup!

  3. The wicked with has escaped she makes children her dinner but some children think that she is kind and caring and she does not do any harm!πŸ‘»!

  4. the exotic witch added a dragon head a dear horn and a human toe to make a sleep gas to stop the guards stopping her escaping Alcatraz prison. she stole the diamond with the power to control the hole world…she stopped time and took all of the candy from the trick or treating children. then she exploded oo

  5. β€œif you can hear me DONT GO TO YOUR HOUSE !!!!!! there every where HELP AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I’m fine at the minite just stay away or they will shred you like a paper shreder AAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!”.

  6. One spooky Halloween night, Emily and her friends were getting ready to go Trick or Treating when suddenly, they heard a terrifying cackle coming from the kitchen. They went to find out what was going on when suddenly, they turned the corner and ZAP! Emily had been shrunk and turned into a toad!! Her friends, Lucy and Alexia then found out that there was a DREADFUL WITCH IN THE KITCHEN!!! The Witch had a green, bumpy face with a long nose and warts! She was the UGLYEST Witch they had ever SEEN!!!

  7. oh no the witch has ran away put the siren on wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo come on lets go after her get in the car bthrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I can see her you are going back were you bilong miss

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