Awesome children. 

A very big well done to the following children this half term:

Thomas: for enthusiasm and commitment to blogging. 

Latesha: for consistent hard work. 

Ashia: for consistent hard work.

Rebeca: for her determination. 

Oli: his love of maths and improving his spelling and handwriting. 

Tyler M: for persevering with drama. 

Tamsin: teaching others how to up level. 

Carolina: for working hard. 

Shaun: for improving his spelling and handwriting. 

16 thoughts on “Awesome children. 

  1. Thanks Mrs.B. Tamsin has had a fantastic start to Year 5 and is enjoying everything she does. Well done to all the awesome children and have a great half term 😀😀

  2. I hope everyone had a nice holiday . How many sweets did you get ? Did you get to know something that you didn’t know ? This is what I have done over the holiday , I found out I had a baby cousin in New Zealand called Josiah and he is 19 days old . I haven’t met him yet because I cant just fly to New Zealand and say hi. There coming over for Christmas but he will be 3 mouths old so he will still be small and I hope he will like us all . he is so cute on the pictures. Number two , on Monday I went to school to do the talent show I’m not going to give to much away but it’s going to be very hard this year everyone looks so good but my favourite is Kelises dance because she pull’s you into the dance and makes you a bite scared . Number 3 , on Tuesday I went to Northampton academy with Oliver , Tyler and Charlie . I loved it because we did lots of sports and team games we also did the real P.E cards and did one that we have all ready done so that one was quite easy for me . I don’t know if Tyler and Oliver had a good time with the real P.E cards because we were in different groups because we needed to get to know other people at the camp . Number 4 , on Wednesday my cousin ,Mya , came round so we could spend some time with each and we went swimming and we tort her how to swim and then we came back home . Then we went to my nans house to see my other cousin , Clayton , and we had dinner there . Number 5 , on Thursday we went to sports direct to get my baby cousin Josiah some cloths and we got my other cousin some cloths he is called Jamarie after that we went to B&M to get some sweets for the cinema and then there wern’t any tickets left so we went to Mc’donalds and then we went home and wached a very long movie then the next day we went to my nans again but for the hole day from 9 am till 10 pm so we couldn’t do the pumpkins . The next day it was Halloween and Donnells birthday and he had to go to football so we hid his presents and did the pumpkins when he got home all of his friends arrived so I had to stay down stairs then I got my Halloween costume on and my mum did my face paint . Then Donnell , Ethan , Nathan Timmy and shore went trick or treating we went back in went back out with my Antie came in then went back out with Michelle . Number 6 , Donnell went to a football mach and I was just doing nothing . Number 7 , Yesterday me and beaus family went to the cinema finally :) and watched hotel transalvania 2 . Number 8 , today I have been reading , watching youtube , choir , the speech for school mine is about pandas , blogged and that is it I hope you like it good bye. 😉

  3. them people that you said they all have improoved but they do what there told they are really awsome i will be on it next year. mrs b and bushil

  4. I hope everyone has had a good holiday! On Halloween I dressed up as a Stich Witch and me Megan and Amelia got LOADS of sweets!! I would like to know one thing:
    What did you dress up as on Halloween? 😄

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