This was the highlight of my holiday. Olivia and I went to visit two St Bernard’s; Cooper and Betty. They were gorgeous, if somewhat slobbery! 
What was your highlight?

34 thoughts on “Highlights 

  1. This my highlight in Romania i went to my anty and my cousin and they had a mother cat and she was pregnat and she had a baby kitten it was si cute and soft when i piked her up.

    • My highlighted spending time with William George and my mum and my dad and Mitchell we saw rainbow fireworks have you seen what we done let me ask you a question did you go ? Because I saw Thomas he didn’t see me though we went are lots of rides but I saw my new cousin call Rosie I have not met her before☺ she looks cute I saw my dad playing on the drums and we took video😀 this is how I felt😂
      and a bite sacred because my dad was in front of everyone

  2. My highlight is spending time with my family.I went to nothampton school sport partnership.I had lots of fun played lots of activities. I also took part in the RNLI beach minecraft challenge I had to build a beach on minecraft and think about beach safety

  3. this is the highlight of my holiday
    I went breakdancing at swiftys workshop and there was about 13 or 14 or 15 pupils it was great

  4. My highlite was when I had my cousin stay round my house for Halloween,he hardly came out of my room because he was stuck on my ps2,he was irritating but it was fun to have a playmate.

  5. My highlight is going to the race cores on Thursday because it was Bon fire night also we saw my cousin rosey we have not met her before we saw coulrful fire works we went on 5 rides each wow also my dad had to show his band with his friends but we were tied so we went home to see my dog penny she was existed for all of us coming back.

  6. My highlight is going Trick or Treating with my two sisters and my dad. I went as a Stitch Witch, Megan went as a cat and Amelia went as a glow-in-the-dark skeleton. When we knocked on someone’s door and the man who answered thought that Amelia was a boy because she had a headscarf on and it covered up all her hair. Also the man who answered also sounded like he was American because of his accent. That Halloween we got MILLIONS of sweets!!!! 😀

  7. My highlights are when i did cheerleding,streetdance,snorkerling,i saw madsince,we went to see hotel trancylvaneia 2, and then we went to see our cousins called lzzy and daniel to go trick n treating.

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