Lester Lockwood: Failed actor?


Who was Lester Lockwood?
What could you tell me about his life?

Has he always been an actor? 

Where was he born?

Does he have any siblings?

What was life like growing up?
Use your imaginations and tell me your ideas!

22 thoughts on “Lester Lockwood: Failed actor?

  1. Lester lockwood is a famous actor he used to be one but now he os not one! His life was pretty famous and then he wanted to audition but he could not audition because he was a card bard mam and the lady did not like him at all then Mr Lester lockwood knew that he should go through to the finalls because he was concired that he would go through he understood that the lady only wanted his autographt the lady wanted to have a strong man and a proper 3d one then Lester dicided to go and be a 3d man so he divided to draw a 3d cardboard man but that did not work!

  2. I think he was once a nerd who was bullied so he changed his life and his look then trained to be a actor but he still isn’t popular.he adopted 3 children ones a dragon ones a loonytoon ones a giant spider.He was born 1982.

  3. I think that Lester Lockwood used to be an actor because all his idea’s are really imaginative and actors really think deep into the box.I think he was born in a place that does lots of acting because in that audition room there was a lot of people wanting to audition.In the play there was a lot of people who auditioned so Lester must have been born in a place that loves acting.

  4. Lester Lockwood was born in 1993 Aprl 29th in Brazil. Befor he was an actor I think he was a builder in a old site. He has 3 siblings could Mr Jak, Mrs Drover and Mr Dad. He has no friends or nothing.

  5. Well Mr lockwood is a flat person because he is paper that is printed and he used to be a awesome actor but not any more.I think that he is born in a paper island because he is paper.I don’t think he has any siblings because in the film there is on one alse that is paper only Lester Lockwood.

  6. I really like the idea of a paper island Carolina!
    Oli you really used your imagination! This will help you next week in English. Everyone use Oli’s as a starting point and then create your own ideas!

  7. Lester Lockwood is a 2d person but Mr Lockwood wants to audition he cant because the film is for 3d only. So he filled himself with helium but that didn’t work so he tried water that didn’t work ever .So Lester did cotton surgery then he got in but he didn’t get the part he want

  8. Mr lockward (in the past.) Was not a actor. He was a film director for Scooby doo. He lived in a place called , animation land. Where things like loony tunes, Scooby doo, or, Tom and Jerry was set. His brother and sister where always over the top like, the king and queen, but way more. He had a imaginative child hood, always looking up the top of the hill pretending he was a Giant, and crushing the whole of Lings primary school!!! Mr Lockwood barked proudley, “fee, fi, fo, Tall. I smell the education of the whole school.” All of the teachers loved the way he did that. So that’s Mr Lockwood’s life!!! 😁😁😁

  9. The film. It is about a man called lester Lockwood he tried to get throw the puduchion but the gilr ceept on saying no no it spells no but he got sergery and people did not see him .he has aways been a actor. When he grow up I wish that he get a part for the puduchion and get to have kingdom for himself.

  10. Lester Lockwood was born in France but his Mum and Dad were Russian. His Dad is a thief and sells the jewels for money. One day his Mum and Dad couldn’t handle Lester anymore so they gave him to an orphanage. After a few days Lester ran away from the orphanage and went to tap dance in pubs to get money. Lester collects up his money and walks down the street, counting his money. When he had finished counting his money he asked someone if they knew where the nearest theatre was. After he had got directions he walked towards the theatre. Suddenly he found just what he was looking for! He saw an advertisement and it said that there were auditions for a play called ‘Timothy Green’ . He went to audition and he got the main part of Timothy!! He soon became a SUPERSTAR!!!!

    • Wow I like you said super star I like what you said he counts money
      And take different owners runs away for a pudichon .

      I think you need more because so people want undastandπŸ‘―πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘»

  11. Lester Lockwood is the most dramatic actor I ever seen.he wasn’t born he was born on a piece of paper.They drawed him then he came alive.he was made in Russia and his mum is Bulgarian and his dad is Indian.

    • 😁I like were you said he was not exactly born he was made out of paper. Mazhair can you put more description so I undustand more not gust one part.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΅πŸ˜œπŸ˜Ό

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