As well as your spelling mistakes in your books let us look at some endings. This is the ending ious. Can you think of any more? Can you put them into sentences?








23 thoughts on “spellings

  1. 1. My mother was furious because I would not eat her delicious meal.
    2. My friend was very ambitious and he made the most scrumptious cakes.

  2. I thought that the lasagna my mum made was delicious.

    My friend was anxious because he didn’t know if he got through to the talent show.

  3. 1.) My mum made a delicious pasta bake for dinner. But my mum was anxious if I was going to push it out of the way. So insted of pushing it I will be conscious about, when mum asks me, “How is dinner Thomas?” I will respond back with care. But I responded, “Umm, it is.. OK? Sorry it is horrible.” I tried to not reply disrespectfully, I was so furious that I did not respond respectively I tried to be conscientious about my task. I failed!!!

  4. 1)I went striktly and Ididn’t get in the competion and my mum was very furious andtold me off.
    2)It was my mum’s birthday and she made a delicious.

    • Carolina you need to finish your last sentence because it doesn’t make sense. Here are some examples you could use.

      It was my mum’s birthday so she made a birthday cake.

      It was my mum’s birthday and she had a big birthday party.

      It was my mum’s birthday and she had all of her family from Ramynia came round.

  5. 1.I was very anxious when I tried for the part
    2.I went next to my partner and he was contagious
    3.My mum made a delicious meal
    4.my dad was furious because I ran off

  6. 1 my mother was furious because she shashed her I phone .😹
    2 my dad was anxious because he had to go on a plane.😸
    3 I had chocolate cake because it was delicious and my favorite😻
    4 I was at my birthday and I was curious what was inside the present.😸
    5 I tidy my bedroom and look so I am conscientious.😸

  7. 1.I’m anxious about my s.a I have to wright.
    2.That drawing is atrocious.
    3.The fact that someone ripped my work apsart on purpose made me ferocious.
    4.This bone is so scrumpcious and delicious.

  8. 1)My mum was furious because i didn’t do my homework.
    2)My dad is going to bake a delicious cake for me because it’s my birthday!.
    3)I was anxious because i had to perform in front of all the parents.
    4)I had this boy sitting next to me and he was contagious.

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