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  1. This little boy called Jack has a dad named, Jimmy was the best Lego macker in the country!!! He had made a smaller version of the empire state building, and he created some teddy bears and he is still caring on selling the for 50p each.

    Jack was very popular in school and all of the A* people ( which most of them are GIRLS!!!) Always hanged out with him. His fame as realy! High,
    and he was always known by that.

    Thats his child hood!!! 😁😁😁

  2. What I think?
    It is very very hard but I will get it soon.β˜ΊπŸ˜€I will reaserach it . deose eny one else know about it😁.

  3. Do you like lego? Then you will like this lego story but you might want to read his about his adventreious life.


    Ole was born in the 1980’s may the 30th on the friday. He liked playing golf and he used to be in the golf team when he was at school. His mother was called lily and his father and his name was called randy.

    Jobs and new family

    A few years later in 2000 he had a wife called Dora and a few kid’s called mike,doueee and Natasha he used to be a book writer,water,actres,docter,policeman,and now he is a toy maker.

    Where is he now?

    He is in londun now and he is derlivering toy’s all around the wold mean while his second desternation is china further more he is trying to not put the wrong toy in the wrong house despite the fact that he is nerley finished.

  4. Introduction

    This is about a man who loves lego and he just wants to keep on enventing lego but in the begining he used to make toys and everyone loved it but now he makes lego now
    To be continued…

  5. There is a man called Ole he used to own a carpenter business he was well respected in the village he lived in. He had to fire all his workers because he couldn’t offered to pay them because his business was doing really bad, his wife died and all he had was his 4 sons. One day Ole had an idea to make toys he was selling some of them but he still didn’t make enough money, fortunately a rich man came along to his shop and ordered a lot of toys for his shop, Ole and his sons had to work hard and he made enough money to hire his old workers. A couple years later Ole created Lego and this famous toy is still loved by little children in this present time.

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