10 thoughts on “Christmas. 

  1. My dad had his birthday over the holiday so we enjoyed that and on Christmas me and my cousins went to red hot and we ate a lot there.

  2. I spent some time with family but most time on my best friend,my PlayStation 3,I played on it for 7or 8 hours,well from 6.00 in the morning till 3.00 in the afternoon,but while I was playing it I also had family round so I spent time with them as well,I got diary of a wimpy kid books and the day after I spent that whole day reading them,and my elementia chronicles book to

  3. On christmas i had some time to spend with my family and for christmas i got a shopkins ice-cream truck that’s what my grandmother buyed me and my mum buyed me a new tablet with a keyboard on it! Which was awsome and then at 6’o clock i got to go to carolina’s house we had an awsome time there!!.

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