7 thoughts on “Stratford 

  1. I remember!ber that Puck lays the love pochion on the lovers eyes and Helna thinks that Hermia stole her boye freind Demetroius.

  2. What a awesome day 😀 we had to do the play of Midnight Summer’s Dream we play some characters a little quite hard 😯 the whole class to do a pose and Goe shows me and blessing as we did a staring one . I was the King and blessing was the Queen😁 after we went to have a lunch and then after that we came back into the room then done a fan game😀😀😀😀😀😀 then we read some things that puck said at the end.😀

  3. I loved everything about going to Stafford my favorite bit was when I got to be Queen Hippolyta and people had to guess who I was.I thought that it would have been hard to guess who I was.

  4. I loved Stratfford it was a fantastic opportunity to be there with the RSC my favorite part was when we did the whoosh and the part when we had to pretend that one of us is Helena and one of us was Hermia and that we had an argument with each other.I loved it!!!😀

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