16 thoughts on “Fairies. 

  1. I found out that when you say the words ‘I don’t believe in fairies’ then a fairy dies. I also found out that the fairies in Scotland are horrid and mischievous and they sometimes push drunk people off cliffs. Also, when a baby is born and they have their first laugh, that laugh gives birth to a fairy.

  2. I have found out that fairies are real because the first time I thought they there just a fairy tales.I also found out that when you say the word ”Fairies are not real” one fairy dies.

  3. I have found out that fairy’s can be all sizes.some can be big some can be small large and even tall.I also know that Scottish fairy’s are really mischievous.

  4. i found out that fairys can be diffrent shapes and sizes and some can be wirde . also fairys can have wings and some can not .also when a babby awakes they have there first laught that laught gives birth to a beautfull cutie fairy. fairys are real because if you say there not they die . i blive . you have to blive .have to blive blive blive blive i hope you like what i said thank you

  5. I have found out that fairies aren’t just loving and caring sparkly creatures,some are horrid and some throw people of cliffs,i have also found out that fairies are born when I child laughs for its first time,fairies are all over the place camoflauging so we need to watch out in case you stand on them.

  6. I found out that some of these fairies have wings and some don’t have wings and also i found out that even boy fairies exist and that they have horns on top of their heads!!

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