8 thoughts on “Habitats. 

  1. What is a habitats ? A habitats is a place with lots of animals. Why are so important?
    Because it’s animals home or they can’t survive . What is endagerring? It is DANGER if some animals need help.

  2. A habitat is a place that animals and insects live in,they are important because they provide homes for animals and sometimes us and the people that make forests their home,the thing that endangers habitats is loss of trees and the ice crumbling away in the Arctic and Antarctica

  3. A habitat is a place where animals live and it is were animals go and hide.Any animal lives in a habitat even bears.A habitat is the home of animals.

  4. A habitat is a place were animals and live.All habitats are important becase for example animals can not live without water.

  5. A habitat is a invirment where creature live.Habitats are important because the world is made of habitats and if there was no habitats there would be no world and no world means no home.Humans are a fret too every habitat and the articis fret is heat , the deserts fret is coldness because its made of heat , the woods Fred is trees being called down and the rain forests one is choosing down trees and evaporation.

  6. 1.What are habbitats?
    Habbitats are where animals live and where plants live too.
    2.Why are habbitats so important?
    Habbitats are important because it’s the animals home and where they have their diet
    3.What is endangering them?
    Right for example:rainforests are indanger because people cut the trees.

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