I have my favourites. Wolves, big cats, polar bears (any bears really) and owls. Tell me about predators, how they are adapted to their habitats? 

11 thoughts on “Predators. 

  1. Predators are the animals that hunt and eat others that are their prey,a more better name for stuff that eats meat and other animals is actually a carnivore

  2. Predators are animals that hunt for animals the bild of there boady is sharp pointy teeth yese on, the front of there head and they blend in with there habitat.

  3. Predators are creatures that eat herbaivors,there feeturs are,sharp teeth,yey’s on the front of the head and They blend in,in there habitat

  4. Predators are animals that hunt down for each other and then they eat each other.Some animals like a fish get eaten by other animals so a fish is a prey.

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