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  1. HUMAN BODOY. You have to eat vegetables and fruit . If you eat lots of suger on your breakfast your teef will be really bad . You have 10 bones or more!

    .you don’t drink achole
    .exsise a lot
    . Do not eat sweets chocolate or anything like that
    . You need to run
    .be in anything including running / swimming / exsise


    . You have bones
    . Vains
    . Brain
    . Nose
    . Hair
    . Eye bras
    . Fingers

  2. The human body is very interesting because the heart is very different because when you feel it is not actual there it is in the middle its really weird as well :):):)

  3. I found out that if you exercise a lot your heart will pump faster and you will recieve more oxygen and yesterday i also found out that if you smoke your heart will turn black and that won’t be healthy for your body.Also i found out that in vitamins there can be vitamin C and vitamin D and that you need to eat healthy food so your body is nice and balanced.

  4. The human body.

    1.) The Heart.
    The Heart plays a important part in keeping healthy. It keeps all the
    blood in your system flowing. Blood helps the oxygen get around your
    body. When you exisize you can feel your pulse, that tells you how fast
    your heart is pounding.
    2.) The brain.
    The brain is like a powerful computer that stores our memory and
    controlls how we humans think and react. The brain the centre of the
    nervous system, controling our thoughts memorys decisions and
    3.) Ears.
    Ears convert sound waves into nerve impulses that are sent to the
    E.g). You hear a bee. 🐝 the buzzing sound creates a sound wave that is
    sent to the brain to ulart you that you need to back off.
    ( I am making a presentation all about the human body.)

  5. i found out thatYour heart beats around 100000 times a day, 36500000 times a year and over a billion times if you live beyond 30 It takes the body around 12 hours to completely digest eaten foodThe smallest bone found in the human body is located in the middle ear. The staples (or stirrup) bone is only 2.8 millimetres long

  6. The human body is very important because it’s you it’s what makes you , you . So the human body has various pats but the main part that keeps you goings is your spine , your neck and also your heart ! The spine is what keeps your back up . Your neck is very attached to your spine so thats very important. Also the heart is what mostly keeps you going there are more bits and peace’s but the hearts the main one .

    Thank you for reading !
    From Latesha

  7. The body is fragile and has difrent types of blood. You have a mix of jeans from your parents. If you go on a diet you won’t get diabeates and get over waight. You can get deseases like Ebola and canser.

  8. 1) Our hearts beat around 100000 times a day and around 36500000 times a year.
    2) The smallest bone in the human body is located in the middle ear. The bone is only 2.8 millimeters long.
    3) The left side of our bodies are controlled by the right side of our brain while the right side of our bodies are controlled by the left side of our brain.
    I’ll find out some more soon! 😜

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