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  1. The Shakespearian play ‘Othello’ has many themes in it: love, war, jealousy, race, betrayal and dishonesty. As a result this play is dark and full of tension (in parts it is quite shocking). This is not for the faint-hearted!

    The play starts with Iago and Roderigo in Venice on a gondola. They are discussing the love of Roderigo’s life, Desdemona. She has just married Othello and their union has repercussions. Her father does not agree with her marrying a black man and disowns her after the Duke quantifies that their love is pure. To be honest the Duke is more interested in the war in Cyprus and dispatches Othello straight away. Always the loving wife, Desdemona follows Othello to war along with Iago’s wife, Emilia.
    Once in Cyprus things start to change. Iago is jealous that Cassio has become the second in command and a web of suspicions and betrayal ensue.
    Firstly Iago plants the seed of doubt into Othello’s mind and slowly feeds it with his lies. Testing him by torture, Othello becomes convinced that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio. Othello descends into a type of madness resulting in the murder of his ‘sweet Desdemona’. By the end of the play there are multiple murders and Iago says ‘ Demand me nothing; what you know you know: From this time forth I never will speak word.’
    This play was truly incredible, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire time. I left the play feeling totally bereft and drained because of the emotional rollercoaster which it put me through. I would happily watch this particular production again and again. All young adults should watch this to realise the consequences of actions.

  2. Othello

    Othello is an Shakespearian play that involves war, race, betrayal, love and dishonesty. It is a tragic story, about the main character Othello and his friend Iago also his wife which is Desdemona.

    The play starts with Iago and Roderigo on a boat on their way to Venice. They have a discussion about Othello’s right wing man Cassio got the place that Iago wanted so Iago persuades Othello to give the ‘Right hang man’ spot.

    This broad cast shouldn’t be shown to kids from 8 and under. I give this a 5 star rating I hope you enjoy the show, if you watch it. By Josephine.O and kieran.W.

  3. The review of Othello:
    We watched Othello, this is our review. Othello was a brave, loyal and euphoric warrior. His best friend, Iago betrayed him because Othello gave Cassio a promotion that was meant to be Iago`s. Othello is in love with Desdemona.
    Iago was in a gondola with Roderigo, Roderigo is also in love with Desdemona, Roderigo told Desdemona`s father, Brabantio about Desdemona`s secret marriage with Othello, Brabantio is blazing in fury and tells the duke about the marriage and she gets Othello and Desdemona to go to the courtroom for a discussion, she is more interested in the war at Cyprus.
    Othello, Iago, Cassio and Desdemona go to Cyprus. Cyprus is a wretched warground, Othello arrives and Cassio gets drunk Iago starts a weird rap battle between Cassio and another soldier get into a fight to the death until Othello breaks it up Cassio loses his promotion and Iago starts his murderous plan!
    Our favourite parts are the rap battle and the death tragedy, we rate the play a 9/10 because we like a bit of comedy and there was none in the play. I would recommend the play to many of people who are mature and are over 9 years old.
    Desdamona,Othello,Iago,emilia,Roderigo,Cassio,Brabantio and lodovico.

  4. Othello is a Shakespearian play with lots of theme in it. The themes are love, war, race and betrayal. The story is a tragic and is most about race.
    The story is about a man called Othello and he loves a girl called Desdemona. The story starts with two men who are called Iago and Roderigo. They are both angry because Roderigo is in love with Desdemona but she is married to Othello. Iago’s problem is that Othello has chosen a man called Cassio to be his second in command.
    So Iago and Roderigo go and tell Brabantio that Othello and Desdemona are married and then Brabantio gets really mad.

    I rate this 8/10 because it shows people that colour doesn’t matter. I would recommend this to people who think that racism is good.
    By Saira and Mazahir.

  5. OTHELLO /10/10 because Desdemona married Othello and it was romantic but her father dosent
    Like Othello because of couler iago planted a seed in his head and he feeds it carys on and on
    Othello and brabantio both go to the senate or court in venice where brabantio complains
    To the duke about Othello marrying his daughter . the duke allows Othello and Desdamona to
    Marry. By isabelle

  6. This play is a tragedy and the writer was William Shakespeare and the play is called ‘Othello’. The characters are Othello, Desdemona, Roderigo ,Duke ,Iago,brabantio,Emmlia,we recommend it for grown up children I am afraid little children can’t join this amazing exsprents. It starts in a boat with Roderigo and Iago sailing on the stage water brabantio to tell him that Desdemona Mary’s Othello. By mason and Kieran c


    The Shakespearian play we watched was called Othello.We rated it 3 and a half stars because it was a great show with love , jealousy , racism , war and more.Watch this spectacular show of Othello UNLES YOUR 0-7 YEAR

    This play is one of the best Shakespearian plays I have seen because of the plot where Iago tricks everyone into doing what he wants and also Iago is the slyest character you will see.

    In the play , 4 people die all because of Iago

    By Riley

  8. The Shakespearian play called Othello

    (It has violence, race, death, love, war, and jealousy)
    The main character is Othello and he has a right-hand-man
    Called Iago.
    These are a few characters called Othello, Iago, Desdemona, Emilia, Cassio, the duke, Bianca, Brabantio
    , Roderigo,
    Othello loves Desdemona and Desdemona loves Othello but Desdemona’s dad doesn’t like Othello because he is a moor and because of his skin colour.
    Desdemona goes to war with Othello

    Emilia is friends with Desdemona and is her servant, they are like sisters
    Later on, Othello torches Iago and tries to get Iago to tell the truth. Iago gets tied on a chair and, Othello gets a sack and puts it over his head. By Blessing, Beau, and Corey

  9. 10/10 The play ‘Othello’ revue by Shaun shields and Molly smith The play has many themes such as love, war, jealousy, race, betrayal and dishonesty. As you can see the play is very dark as a result it has a tragic fell to it. The play starts off with Iago and Roderigo travel in on a boat in Venice discussing about Desdemona. Roderigo calls for her father Brabantio and Roderigo said “your daughter has married a moor.” Desdemona’s father was so mad and angry at her.
    In the court room Othello is accused of taking his daughter away from him but the duke said they are free to marry and be free. Desdemona offers to go to Cyprus and goes

  10. ‘Othello’
    5 Stars
    The play starts with Iago and Roderigo in a gondola talking about who they love ect.
    They are on their way to Desdemona’s father because, Othello and Desdemona got married without his permission. The father is furious because Othello is a black man, and they are White.

    Our opinion
    The play was the most brilliant Shakespeare play I had ever watched!!! It was a mix of,
    Love, jealousy, war, race, and, betrayal.

    Favourite parts
    Are favourite part was the rap and it was
    amazing!!! Also our 2nd favourite part is the end when Othello, Desdemona, Emilia, Roderigo, die.

    Age: sutuble for children 9 and above.
    By: Carolina, Thomas and Ashia.

  11. The Shakespearian play called ‘Othello’ it has love, war, dishonest , jealously , betrays, racism all of these themes are related to the show.
    we think that this play is alright because we have watched so many plays what are Shakespearian Othello and Iago were like brothers also Othello really loved Desdemona but Iago was jealous can you believe it? And towards the end there is a lot of violence there are so many moors in this play and this is the first time a tragic and jealous play.

    All adults should really watch this play it is fantastic these are the character’s Othello ,Cassio, Iago,Desdemona , Emelia, Brabantio , Bianca,the duke and Roderigo there are two places which are called venice and Cyprus.

    By Rebeca,Teejay and Sumaya

  12. OTHLLO

    Othello is a play with lots of different theme’s
    Such as: war, love jealousy ,race and disapp-
    ointment. However, this play is very tragic and
    hart-broken. I wouldn’t recommend it to the
    people that doesn’t like violence.

    At the start of the play Iago and Roderigo
    Sailing on a boat. However, Desdemona is now
    Married to Othello and Desdemona’s father called
    Brabantio, that wasn’t happy at all because he doesn’t want his loving daughter to get married to a moor.Barbantio doesn’t care about the person
    He cares about the skin colour.

    Barbantio went to the Duke because he didn’t want to let his loving daughter get married with the moor has married Desdemona .Her farther is not very pleased with her he wants to go to the duke and try to make them do a devose but the duke will not let them be dovors because thay love each uther THEN HE GOT ANGRY AND WALKED AWY .
    By Nicole and THENDO

  13. because they love ech uther and the father is not pleased with the duke.
    Cassio is trying to flurt with Desdmona but she only likes him as friend but he wants to marry her but she does The shakespearian play [ Othello] is a war zone and it is very veolient and one of Othello’s best friend, jealsy, lover,war,sycoo killer,bast friend of Othello, but Iago thinks he is the best to get his wife. Iago is Jesus about Cassio being his right hand man
    Roderigo is speaking to Iago about Othello getting marred to Desdemona and Roderigo about him loving Desdmona.Iago starts to tell Brabantio that a moor has marred Desdmona.Her father is not very pleased with her, he wants to go to the Duke and try dvors them but the Duke will not let them be dovors not tack it because she loves Othello in stead of Cassio.the moors have a party but Desdmona is not a moor but they are marred so he don’t cear

  14. William and Anne Shakespeare had three children. Their first child was Susanna, born a mere six months after the wedding of her parents. She was christened on May 26, 1583, and twins arrived in January, 1585.

      William Shakespeare had three children. Susanna was born in May 1583, six months after the wedding of her parents Anne Hathaway and William Shakespeare. The baptism of Susanna Shakespeare took place in Stratford Parish Church on May 26th 1583.

  15. Othello.
    ‘Othello’ is one of Shakespeares greatest tradegeys it has around about 6 themes and 4 deaths which are Desdemona, Othello, Emilia, Roderigo, but also Cassio get’s injured on his leg.

    It starts off in a place called Venice which Iago and Roderigo on a cano talking about telling Brabantio about his daughter marrieying a moor and guess what? they did and he went mental.

    Next he ran in saying that Desdemona shall not marrey a moor but the Duke had non of it and said it doesent matter about religion it matters about love and there choices.

    Afder that in Cyprus Iago gets jealous of Cassio replacing him then Iago plants a little seed in Othello’s mind then it starts to feed on lies. Then Othello torches Iago for the truth and still through torcher he lies Cassio and Desdemona’s relationship.

    Then he is so frustrated that he strangles the sweet beloved Desdemona and then she admitted that she strangled her self and then he admitted that he strangled her and kills Emilia then all of the warriors come in and sround’s him and then kill’s him self. Then he says”I will not speak word”.

    I was at the edge of my seat it was that good I would rate it a 10 out of 10 because it was fantastic and it was very interesting at the end this is my question why does Othello let Cassio get into this? that’s my review

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