Roald Dahl Week

Tuesday 13th September would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and is Roald Dahl day across the country. To celebrate, we will be having a week dedicated to one of the most popular authors, beginning with a viewing of the BFG on Monday at Lings Forum and ending in a dressing up day on the 16th.

What are your favourite Roald Dahl books? Which are your favourite characters? What do you know about Roald Dahl? Where did he get his ideas from for his stories? What other things has he done in his life?

roald dahl

21 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Week

  1. My favorite roald Dahl book is the twit s because it is really funny and silly.
    The best bit I think in the twits is where Mrs twit puts worms in Mr twits spaghetti
    And covered in tomato sauce.

  2. My favourite book from Roald Dahl is the twits because there are lots of funny/silly parts. I think the silliest and funnyest part is when Mrs twit and Mr twit are hanging upside down!

  3. my favorite roald dahl book is matilda because she can do magic out of her mind, it is called telekinesis. the best scene in the book is when miss honey adopts matilda. my most favorite characters are miss honey and matilda. my least favorite characters are mr wormwood, mrs wormwood and mrs trunchball

  4. Hey my fave book is esio trot , the charecters in it are this old guy called mr hops (hoppy) and a woman called ms silver i think , and u got esio trot wich is tortoise spelt backwards anyway i cant tell u much about it but u have to read it its so funny i will read it at the weekend or something but for what i remember its an amazing book so u read it sometime so i will leave a link below if i find the clip of roald dahl reading it so see ya dont forget to reply

  5. My favourite roald dahl charactor is charlie from the chocolate factory. He gets very excited when he finds the golden ticket.

  6. My favourite Roald Dahl book is the witches because the witches are actually
    bold and they were a wig. They also have cat nails so they were gloves and they
    have ink saliva those are the signs of a witch .who are disguised as a woman. Fun facts Roald Dahl was born 13 September 1916 and died 23November 1990 died age 74 and today marks his 100th birthday 2016 Roald Dahl is the best and smartest author

  7. My favourite book is Charlie and the chocolate factory because it makes me hungry and he was born on the 13/9/1916 and died in 1990 at the age of 74 and he wrote book for 30 years and was the number 1 storyteller

  8. Bfg is my favourite book and is so cool.
    my favourite part is when bfg fights bone crusher and the over bad giants.
    bfg Sophie bone crusher bone bristle blood crusher people eater blood courser
    humane boiler being eater and man eater are the charecters

  9. BFG is my favourite book and is so cool.
    my favourite part is when bfg fights bone crusher and the other bad giants.
    The Fleshlumpeater, the Bloodbottler, the Manhugger, the Meatdripper, the Childchewer, the Butcher Boy, the Maidmasher, the Bonecruncher, the Gizzardgulper are the characters. bfg goes on a mission to destroy Bonecruncher and the other bad giants.I recommend you read this book because it is so good.

  10. my faverout book is Esio Trot i like it when the man told a wommen that this is how tou make the tortose grow, it said esio trot,esio trot,reven tegrof ot worg esio trot regib uoy worg!
    it was just up side down! and every day he changed the tortosose from big to small

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