Book Reports Flip Learning

Here are some videos and other resources about how to write a book report and on the man himself – Roald Dahl. Can you find out about how to write a book report? Get inspired by Dahl too. Next week you will be writing a book report on your favourite Roald Dahl book. Time to get prepared!

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21 thoughts on “Book Reports Flip Learning

  1. It’s really fun making your own book report because there is no wrong one its always good to be creative but always try do the real one

  2. My favourite Roald Dahl book is the twits because it has really good pranks like the eye ball beer I like it because it has pranks and I love pranks. My favourite character is Mrs twit because she is more sneaky than Mr twit

    Thats what I have really

  3. In a book report you have to write your name the title
    And the characters who are they?do you like them?how
    did they make you feel?the plot,what happens? Is it fun to
    read?your opinion,did you like the book?what was your
    Favourite part and why?where there any funny or scary bits?
    Did you learn anything?and finally reccomend why or why not?

    Isobelle Woodley

  4. i have read a book by michael morpugo , i have also written a book report . if you have not read any books by him, i suggest reading his books

  5. Title: Charlie and the chocolate factory
    Rating: 5 stars
    Characters: Charlie,Willy Wonka, Charlie,s grandpa and the other 4 kids Violet, Veruca, Mike and Augustus.
    Plot: So there are 5 golden tickets and 4 children got the golden ticket but the last one Charlie got in a shop down town . Its fun to read because in the movie it tells you about how they make chocolate and it really make people hungry so I would recommend you to read it.
    Favourite part: My one was when Augustus fell in the tube and the other people made a song about him falling and when Violet turned blue.
    A book review by: Hriday soni.

  6. My favourite book is James and the giant peach because it was exciting and I loved the bit where the grasshopper was fighting the undersea pirates and also when they were rolling down the hill. I liked the 2 aunties they were scary and funny at the same time. I think the story is adventurous and funny, I really enjoyed reading the book as I love Roald Dahl’s humour.

  7. My favourite book is Esio Trot. I liked it because Roald Dahl really thaught of how to write it.My favourite part was when he changed the tortouses from big to small. and he kind of lied to a women too!

  8. my favourite book is boy tales of his childhood its very intresting I’m still finishing it I rate it 5 stars for it I love I never knew that he he had had such an amazing childhood wish id would have that expirence like that right now he is so lucky I wish I was him but a clone.

    that’s all I havem for now

  9. My faviroute book is the boy because it has alot of humor and it is really interesting and it makes me laugh every time i read it my faviroute part is when Roald Dahl sees a teenager speeding down the road and Roald Dahl said if anyone asked him whats your desire he said to be speeding down the road like that.

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