Multiplying and dividing by 10,100 0r 1000


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Here are a few sites and places to start your flip learning.,_100,_1000

Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000- Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

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      • if you are multiplying by 10 you move 1 space to the left if you are multiplying by 100 you move 2 spaces to the left
        and if you are dividing by 10 you move one space to the right
        if you are dividing by 100 you move 2 spaces to the right.

      • say if you have 10,100 times 20 equals to 20,100. this is how I did it: The first ten turns into 20 because your timesing by 20.And the other 100 at the endstays the same so that makes 20,100. that’s how I figerd it out. heres a divid one: 10,100 dived by 80 equals to 20,100. Amy helped me on the divided one.

  1. Number lines help with division because you add by whatever divvied it by
    you have to times it till you reach the number that’s been divided. You record how
    much you times by and if you have a reminder put r and whatever you have left to get to the number.

    • Do you need to use a number line when multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Are you looking at using different divisors?

      • Not always I was just showing how much number lines help with division and yes number lines help with times 10,100,1000 also there’s another way column division.

      • I was just showing how much number lines help in division and yes it does work on dividing by 10,100,1000.and there is another way column divivsion

    4.8 x 10 = 48
    4.8 x 100 = 480 100 should be only 1 0 at the end
    4.8 x 1,000 = 4,800 1,000 you add 2 zeros
    Every one can do this 👍👍😀😀🙂🙂😄🙇🙇

  3. What ever sign it is times,divide,multiply, add and many other signs you can swop them around example:
    sometimes when you divide a numberline might help you. you can do many signs even tims on a numberline,but some other people may think that you cant do that.
    30 30 30 10 on a number line this woll show,times 30 times 30 times 30 times 10 makes 100 so you can do that.

  4. When your timsing something you add the same number again and again as much as you times it by.Exmple:10+10+10+10+10+10+10 is the same as 10 times 7or seven lots of 10.when your timsing remember timsing is commutative for example:4 times by 5 5 times by 4 you’ll get the same answer because even putting it two different ways you’ll still get 20.

  5. When multiplying by 10,100,1000 you move to the right and when dividing you move to the left so here is a example

    4.8 x 1,000 =4,800 and if you need to get to 900 for the answer it would be 9×100 or 900 divided by 1= 900

  6. x and divide is to do with place value and then when you use place value with x by 10,100 or 1000 you e.g. take 35 x 10 you move it to the right so the answer would be 350.But when you dived by 10 you move 1 space to the left 100 you move 2 spaces to the left 1000 3 spaces to the left e.g. 365 divide by 100 = 3.65 Mr means multiply right DL stands for divide left.

  7. x 10 digits move 1 space left.
    x100 digits move 2 spaces left.
    x 1000 digits move 3 spaces left.

    divide10 digits move 1 space right.
    divide100 digits move 2 spaces right.
    divide1000 digits move 3 spaces right.

  8. iff you you get it righte your goin well like 1000 x 2000 = 3000
    maths might be hard but very in portount and never ever move left in x because its wrong you move to the right

  9. When you multiply digits always move to the right. if you have 10 they move 1 space,100 moves 2 spaces, 1000 moves 3 spaces but at multiplying they move to the left.

  10. When your x 10 you change the tens into the number your x by divide and times are inverse of each other there is also a special method for division and a collum method for multiplication if you have a number with a 0 an its in the tens and you want to x it by a number with other 0 you could put a place holder but it wont always work .

  11. Multiply way is a quick way of adding together several lots of the same3 number or quantity.Dividing is a quick way of subtracting several lots of the same number or quantity or splitting it up into equal groups.Mutliplying and dividing are the opposite or inverse of each other.

  12. in multiplying you slide the decimal point to the right but in division you slide to the left

    heres an example of multiplication

    5.7 x 2,000 = 57,000

  13. Divide: divide means where you have a number, 1,000 and divide it by the number you want to,1,000 divide by 10= 100.

    decimals: so if you had decimals for example 3.2 x 100 you would add one zero [place holder] and if you add 1,000 you wold add two place holders.
    if you times 10 by 1,100 it would by 1,110.
    when you divide by 100 every figure moves to two places to the right. that means thousands become tens, hundreds become units, and tens and units become a fraction of a unit.
    I am going to give you a number 270 now the question is,
    what is 270 divided by 10.
    answer what you think the answer is, comment below

    • How do we move the digits before adding any place holders?
      Check your comment about 10 x 1,100.
      What fraction of a unit do the tens and units become when you are dividing by 100?

      You tell me the answer Cheynelle.

  14. Chelsea
    whole numbers 25 multiply by 10 = 250 if we take the number 2.5 just adding a 0
    is wrong 10 resembles0100 and 1000 mr stands for multiplying to the right depending on how many zeros are in the number you would move to the right dl stands for divied to the left dp is swhort for decimal place

  15. times is where you times a number by another number and their is another way like 2×2=4 which is doubling. division has a special method to it.

  16. so what multiplying and dividing has to do with place value because when multiplying you move to the left and when dividing you move to the right

  17. we linked arms and moved to the left and to the right and put a decimal point between two of us.we used straws for commas. we said about the straws ten will go into bundles

  18. when you times ten times ten you can get sweets with ten in a packets and then you slid it to the left and get a big packet and you will have one hundred off them

  19. mrs mansfield done an example with hariboes there is ten swets in hario boe packet and if you add ten more it wood de ten

  20. me and Thomas looked at math 4 kids and we played times tadle game and wen you got it rig ht it wood send you forward an ib was playing with pelpol and jet ske adition wich is adding nd sudtracting

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