Decimal numbers

Hello Fantastic 5’s,

I hope your holiday has begun well and you are enjoying your break. As promised, here are some things to investigate over the holiday.

Some of you are confused with decimal numbers. Here are three videos that you may find useful. The first looks at place value.

The next one begins to focus on decimal place value.


And finally, one that explains tenths, hundredths and thousandths.

Look at the videos and blog with what you know. the following questions might get you thinking:

  1. What are decimal numbers?
  2. What is the difference between numbers to the left of the decimal point and numbers to the right of the decimal point?
  3. What is the difference between 2.6, 2.60 and 2.600?
  4. Where in real life might you see and use decimal numbers?
  5. What is meant by the terms: 1 decimal place, 2 decimal places and 3 decimal places?

Let us know if you have any questions.

Have fun.

Mrs Millard and Mrs Mansfield




35 thoughts on “Decimal numbers

  1. decimal numbers are numbers with decimals decimal numbers start with for example,
    0.1 is smaller than 1 so the 0 represents smaller than 1 but you must be careful because tha 0 doesnt always go there,there could be other numbers like,
    5.8 7.1…….and so on
    for example, i had 1 whole cup full of water to the top but i was thirsty so i drank some at the end there was a tini bit left so i wouldnt have 00.1 ant more but i would have maby 0.3 but know the 0 stays there it doesnt move but the others can.
    My mum and dad explaind this to me and i understand know.

  2. This will help you guys say for example 100 by 7 this is easy it will make
    0.07 the first is unit and then the middle on is 10s then the last on is 100 the seven will go at the end done! Quals 0.07.

    A harder one 100 by 78 = ?? Tip where will the 7 and the eight go I know the answer so can you guys know?

    If you the question great because this will be harder than that one 100 by 100 = 1.00 quite easy all you have to do is put a 1 at the first position

    Now a thousand starting easy 1’000 by 790 = 0.790 if you cant do that than do this 1’000 by 29 it will be 0.029. The HUNDRED ONE! 1’000 by 1’000 same as the 100 one but different it is 1000


  3. You can see decimal numbers on a ruler,and you might see them on TV wnen the weather chanel is on.If you noticed, that if you move the decimals to the left the numbers get bigger but if you move to the right the numbers will get smaller.when you move the digits the numbers will stick like glue so they will move together (right or left) which ever way they are moving.

  4. decimal numbers are when you have a point then a don’t matter if you add more zeros on the end so it could be.6000 but it is the equivelant as .6 so no matter how many zeros on the end it will be the same

    • What is the difference between numbers on the right hand side of the decimal point and those on the left? What do the numbers on the right hand side represent?

  5. 4.24×1000=420
    when you times a decimal number by 10 you move the whole number to the left
    when you times a decimal number you move it to the left
    when you divide a decimal number you move it to the right

    • Thank you Elliott. How many spaces would you move it? What about when you are multiplying and dividing by 100 and 1000?
      Check your answer though – have you moved the whole number? What about the second 4?

  6. decimals are when you put the decimal in a number sentens I will give you an egsampal 25.00 then you slighd to the left 250.0 and agen and agen.

    • Are you confusing decimal numbers with multiplying by 10 and 100? You can multiply decimal numbers in this way but do you know what the 2 represents in the number 54.2?

  7. This how to use base 10 fractions that’s fractions of ,10,100,1000 this is very easy to use with decimals because decimals are meant for base tens for example tenths:
    1/10 is 0.10 in decimals 4/10 is 0.4 and ten tenths is just a whole 10/10 1.0.Using the same method of converting base ten fractions to decimals like the place of the tenths and thousandths and hundredths so now you know how to convert base 10 fractions to decimals.

  8. Basically decimals are number below zero if you want to go to decimals you have to move to the right and if you want to go to the main numbers you have to move to the left

  9. decimals will be very easy if you know how to subtract and add here’s some examples.

    hope this helped.

  10. decimals are easy to know decimals are so say if 2 – 10 =0.2 that was my example now 1.1 is tenth 0.01 is hunderdths 0.001 is thousands.

    • Thank you Harry – well done for the second part of your blog as it shows that you know about place value within decimals. Check your calculation of 2 – 10 though.

    • Thank you Harry – well done for the second part of your blog as it shows that you know about place value within decimals. Check your calculation of 2 – 10 though.

  11. Did you know that you could add decimals and subtract them to, decimals are very important if we didn’t have decimals we wouldn’t have minus they can also affect your whole numbers. Here are some examples…

  12. what I know about decimals.
    decimals are unusual numbers that you wouldn’t find around, if you are wanting to know about decimals they look like this 5.2. so they look a bit unusual but actually they are very important.
    the difference between the let side and the right side of the decimal point?is this, because the numbers on the left hand side is 10 times bigger than tan the right hand side and the right hand side is 10 times smaller than the left hand side.
    where would you find decimals in real life?
    well if you wanted to by a sweet that is £1 40p you would really have to put a decimal between the pounds and the pence, so you don’t confuse yourself or other people.

    • Check what you wrote about numbers on the left and right hand side of a decimal point. Eg) 14.65 – is 14 ten times bigger than .65?

  13. If you are using decimal numbers and you are strting a new number place or box dont put it in place of the old one, but beside the old one on the left not right otherwise your number will get smaller instead of getting bigger.

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