For those of you who are checking the blog over the holiday (as requested), you will have an opportunity to get ahead with spellings for next week. They are under Week 8 if you click on the ‘Spellings’ section of the black tab above.


24 thoughts on “Spellings

  1. I have been working on my spellings with my mum/cousin (over night).

    You can also learn spellings from reading books,Internet,or a smart person in your family. You can go on bita site.com.

  2. Spellings are super important because you can learn a new languige, but you can only do that if you are concentrated and focused.Spellings are not just for you to copy them, and say you are finished they are there so you can read too!

  3. I’m practicing my spellings with my mum and dad and older brother
    I am getting better at immortal and impatient. Here are my spellings I’m struggling a bit on. immature,immortal,impatient,irrelevant and irresponsible.
    If you guys are struggling on any of the spellings that aren’t on here be free to ask me.

  4. I’ve been working on my spellings with my sister and we go on a app that helps a lot. And what you do on it you have to write a spelling on it and you look at the spelling for five seconds and then you have to write it on a bit of paper

  5. These were my spellings Lovely weekend location awesomeness powerful enough time working January December Machine activities and events

    I had to them 4 times and I love it
    And also you can read or spell other things newspaper TV library home and games.You can go to Kindle download it on iTunes Android or Laptop

  6. I have been practising my spelling in my learning log with my mum and dad and also by my self so hopefully you can do the same.practice the ones you are are not so sure on have fun and try your best.

  7. I have bin practising my spellings with my mum dad and sister😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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