Addition and Subtraction

We are going to begin looking at addition and subtraction next week in Maths. You need to complete at least 5 examples of addition and 5 examples of subtraction in your Learning Logs using whichever written method you feel most comfortable with. You should write each question before showing your workings. Choose numbers to add and subtract that you are comfortable using.

15 thoughts on “Addition and Subtraction

  1. 55.00+44.00=99.00. 297.00-200.00=97.00
    22.00+36.00=58.00. 36.00-22.00=14.00
    77.45+30.00=100.45. 77.45-30.00=47.45
    99.99+0.30=100.29. 89.99-50.67=39.12
    197.00+200.00=397.00 299.999-99.999=200.000

    • Thank you Chelsea. I’ll be interested to see your methods this week. Check the answer to your last calculation. What can you tell me about subtraction too?

  2. adding and subtraction are two different things because adding is commutative and subtracting is not commutative and when you add your number gets larger and when you subtract your number gets smaller for example if you had 456-330 = 236 and for example on adding if you had 180,876+2,000,000= 2,180,876 and here you can see that with subtracting your number gets smaller and when you add your number is larger.

  3. for example adding is like the oppsite of taking away so if you had 10 add 10 and 10 +0 you will know the answer because it is comunitive

    • You’re right – adding and subtracting are like opposite. We call them inverse operations.
      Tell me more about being commutative – give me an example of a number sentence that is commutative.

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