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  1. Why did his mother marry claudious ?
    are they really in love are they fakeing ?
    how shocked and angry was hamlet?
    where in the casle did the ghost come from?
    what does the ghost feel like,smell like,tase like?
    who told hamlet that the ghost was his father?
    was the ghost transparet ?
    how could the late king die by his ear?
    Where is devon ?

  2. In the story Hamlet is a little bit like Romeo and Juliet because in the story Hamlet, the part when they all die, Hamlets WHOLE family die, but in the story Romeo and Juliet, when THEY die only them 2 die.at the end of the film,at the end of the film when Claudious puts poisened juice on Hamlet’s sord and wine.after that when Hamlet and Leasis. but the poison did not only go on Hamlet on Leasit too! and finaly so Hamlet gets rid of Claudioud he stabs Claudious in the chest and soon very one that was at the play soon died

  3. why did claudious kill his brother?
    how depresed was hamlet ?
    did hamlet spy on claudious?
    how old are all of these people?
    when did these different parts of the story come in?
    anser me in the reply box

    • I’m glad that looking at the play has prompted your questions to find out more. I’m not however going to answer your questions as I don’t want to spoil your excitement about the plot before this week. By the end of the week, you should have your answers!
      Don’t forget capital letters fro proper nouns and beginning of sentences Chelsea!

  4. Hamlet the prince of Denmark comes back from university to see that his father the king had died.And he returned and that his mother had married his fathers brother Claudius who is now king of Denmark.Hamlet is so shocked that his mother got married so soon after his fathers death and angry that his mother had married Claudius.Soon after Hamlet sees a ghost floating on the balcony the ghost says”i am the spirit of your father .It says that Hamlet’s father was murdered by Claudius as the king slept Claudius put poison in his ear and then he died. The ghost tells him to avenge his fathers death.Hamlet got depressed and thought of killing himself.He try’s to find out if Claudius actually did kill the king.the new king asks polonius his adviser to spy on hamlet because polonius’s daughter is hamlets girlfriend her name is filia so filia spy’s on him.But when she try’s to talk to Hamlet he gets very angry and tells her never loved her.And breaks up with her.A group of actors come Hamlet tells to do a play where in a scene it shows the way Claudius killed the old king to see the reaction of Claudius and he acts guiltily and interprets the play .Hamlet wants to kill him but does nothing then he was talking to his mother and he see’s a man behind the curtains and thinks it Claudius so stabs through the curtains only to see the dead body of polonius his girlfriends father. Filia goes mad and drowns her self in a river.But Filia’s brother is angry at what happened so Claudius organizes a sword fight between Hamlet and Filia’s brother lashes Claudius put poison on lashes sword so he kills hamlet and made poison wine for hamlet but his plans go horribly wrong when the sword wounds Hamlet and lashes and Hamlet’s mother drinks the wine and dies.Knowing he’s going to die Hamlet kills Claudius and dies and thats the end of the sad tale of hamlet.

    • Wow – a detailed synopsis of the play. Well done. I hope you are looking forward to looking at it in more detail this week.

  5. I have watched the video and I now know many things about hamlet like how hamlets uncle poisoned his brother who is hamlets dead father and hamlet was disgusted by his mother because she married so soon after his fathers death and especially how she married her brother inlaw who is her dead husbands brother but what makes ME sad is that there is no proof and hamlet is crazy in love.

  6. my synopsis is the characters name, who do they play and one fact about them.
    Hamlet: Is the main character in the play based on the play name, he is the prince of Denmark and he is quite an unhappy person in the play. He realizes that the evil in the deed of killing the king prompted to both ” heaven and hell.”
    Claudius: Is the murderer of his brothers death and the new king of Denmark. As with all the supporting in hamlet, Claudius is not developed his full potential.
    Gertrude: Is the mother of hamlet. we don’t see much of her in the daily activity, but if we could we would see the women enraptured by trinkets and fine clothes, soft pillows and warm bath.
    Ophelia: Ophelia is hamlets girlfriend [ or shall I say ”EX!.” ] she has the potential to become a tragic heroine.
    Horatio: role in the play is mirror and most critics agree that he is not developed beyond a character foil for the great prince.
    I did what the synopsis and looked at fact about hamlet characters if you would like to know the website it is, http://WWW.shakespear-online.com/plays/hamlet/hamletchars.html
    by cheynelle!

  7. I have some questions:

    Who told hamlet that it’s his dad’s ghost?
    What will help did if it’s not old hamlet ghost?
    Why did Claudius kill old hamlet for?

    They are my questions.

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