RSC Live Broadcast for schools of Hamlet


Here is the place to blog all things Hamlet!

Before watching, tell us everything you know about the play. Include plot, characters, anything that comes to mind.

During the production you will be able to blog during the intervals about what you have just watched. Again, you can comment on anything to do with the play that interests you.

82 thoughts on “RSC Live Broadcast for schools of Hamlet

  1. in the beginning of the play it tells you how he graduates then it flashes into his fathers funeral it is really impressive because it does it in one minute and with no talking.

  2. hamlet is ab confusing and all the characters are:
    claudius,gertrude,prince Hamlet,horatio,polonius,ophelia,leartes,rosencrantz,guildenstern.

  3. he was probably thinking that why did his mum(Gertrude)married his uncle (Claudius) because he hates his uncle and he is the murder for old hamlets death. So when he saw his dads ghost he was in shok cause his dad told him that hes responsibale.

  4. hamlet was a great lover for emela and when he did that I’m sure he could not talk after what he did to emla but he thought emla is the enemy to me.

  5. I think that Hamlet should kill his uncle the one who poisoned his father who is his uncle’s brother. It is amazing how the fight scenes are fake they didn’t even touch each other I wonder how.

  6. I think he should kill him because he is marring my mother and he is my unkle so its abit strange and a bit very angry about it and he shoudnt because he is his unkle and he dosent want to.

  7. Hamlet goes mad and has a big argument with Ophelia.
    I think I should kill him now because his guilt on his face is obvious because he is trying to keep it in but hamlet can recognise it all.
    by cheynelle.

  8. I should one and for all take revenge of Claudius because he is the one
    that killed my father. and he is responsible for all this. and all the fighting. I’m writing if I was hamlet

  9. hamlet physically abused Ophelia by putting her on the mattress and by rubbing paint across her face and by strangling her an pushing and throwing her.

  10. My reason why I don’t think Hamlet should kill his uncle now was because he is mad having fun and dancing. I also agree with yetunde because its amazing how they actually don’t touch each other and it is a really great affect.

  11. At the end of Hamlet nearly every one died these are the people that died Hamlet,Gertrude,Claudius,Polonius,Ophelia,Laertes,Rosencrantz,Guildenstern
    And Only 2 where alive was Horatio and some one else that I don’t know.

    My Favourite character is Hamlet because he’s like a spy and a mission impossible.

  12. my favoroutie part of the hamlet live broad cast is where Hamlet and Leateas have a stick fight and they both end up poisoning each other and before hamlet and leateas dies hamlets mother and uncle die and after that leateasn dies because he gets staped by the poison tip at the top of his stick and the same happens to hamlet and hamlet is last person to die it is a great broadcast of hamlet i loved whatching it

  13. my view of Hamlet is …wow out of my mind I cant explain much but I loved the way its been put together, how the characters looked and even how the set. Hamlet in fact blown my mind because there wasn’t to much gory and wasn’t to much sadness. I wonder how Shakespeare thought of hamlet? Hamlet has just full on blown my mind!!

  14. Hamlet acts crazy and says mean words to Ophelia and he goes crazy because his dad died and his mom got married to his uncle two months after his dad died

  15. at the first activity hamlet waqs thinking why would his mother marry his uncle claudius and he was also thinking why did his uncle claudius kill his father old hamlet.He was thinking that he should find out if my uncle really did kill my father old hamlet.

  16. I think that Hamlet should try and make his mom come and see the ghost but failed
    and he thought that Claudius was behind the curtains and shot throw it only to see
    that it was polonius and he cried oh I’m slain.And made jokes about he was joking about and his mum was shocked and scared.That he would hurt her or even worse
    kill her.

  17. even thougho hamlet doesn’t like his mum married to claudius hamlets mother says to hamlet stay with us a not go to witnberg and hamlet says yes mother I shall stay

  18. I think hamlet is a nice movie because they are awesome at acting and they remember a lot of words for the play. My favaroite part was when clausius asked where polonius is and hamlet said eating soup. I found it kind of funny but other people laugh too. I enjoyed watching it.

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