Flipped learning – the characters of The Button Box

I’m sure that you have been studying your scripts over the past few days. Next week, we will be looking in depth at the four main characters of the play. What are Grandad, Grandma, Alice and Jack like? What have you noticed about them? What kind of people are they? How would you describe them?

2 thoughts on “Flipped learning – the characters of The Button Box

  1. Jack and Alice are the kids,one of them is boy and the other is girl so that one thing. Jack is like a cool person that kind of into space, crafting and other things. Alice is a girl so she is little mature and not a little 4 year old kid. Grandma is a working women and like to clean take care and posh. Granddad is little bit like a entertainer .

  2. My character is Grandma she is very picky but that’s only because she cares about people. Grandad is very … lets say wide, he reminds me of beef and is the granddad of Alice and Jack . Alice is curious because of the buttons in the legendary button box . Jack is a joker and loves listening to the button box stories.

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