Ordering Fractions

During half term, please have a look at ordering fractions and revise your equivalent fractions. There is a sheet of questions in your home learning logs.

You may even want to look at adding fractions in readiness for next term.

(House points available)

Here are some videos to help you!

Let us know what you discover / find out!




21 thoughts on “Ordering Fractions

  1. what I know!
    I know that if the denominator is the same and the numerator is different than to put them into order is to, find the smallest number of the denominator and the and the same with the others.
    what I learnt from the video!
    I learnt that if your denominator is different and the numerator is the same then all you have to do is, find the biggest denominator and that will be the smallest because you have more pieces.
    and that’s all I know and learnt

  2. I learned that when you add or subtract fractions that the denominator stays the same, you dont add the denominators because you will get the wrong answer not the right one. Here is a example:
    6 3 9
    _+ _ = __
    10 10 10

  3. At first I was confused about fractions but now I completely understand so say if I have 2/4 ,2/6 &3/4 and I had to put them in order I could draw something but there is a much easier way you need to see there amount \value and then order them the awnser would be 2/6 , 2\4 and then 3\4

  4. I know that when the denominator is the same it is easier because say 1 4
    6 6
    It’s easier because there the same denominator so it would be 1 4

    But if it’s different you have to see what the lowest common multiple
    Is and then change the number the same and then order it

  5. Here are some examples
    So say you had 1 6th 7 8ths and 3 quarters the one that is 1st witch I think is the smallest is 1 6th
    Then 3 quarters
    And last is 7 8ths
    And if you want u can use some pictures to help you work it out.

  6. The 2 one helped me because it’s easy where you have to half the brick.
    And after its easy to find out the answer.
    So I decided to do that one in my book because the way the class does it is don’t understand as much.

  7. video 1 tells me nothing.
    video 2 tells me that 1 five is smaller than 1 quarter and 1 quarter is smaller than 1 there’d
    video 3 tells me how to add fractions and how to divide fractions

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