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After our farm trip on Friday, where we learnt a lot about our food, where it comes from and the food miles it travels, I have decided to explore these topics further. Today, we began to look at our lunchboxes and the food they contained.

Try to do some research about the different food groups and what a healthy lunch is.

Let me know what you find out!

Here are some videos to get you started:

Also, good luck with your food diaries this week!

29 thoughts on “Healthy Eating

  1. Most of the time I get tuna fish and sweet corn
    Drink fruit shoot or hydro fruit shoot
    Crips cheese and onion
    Protein bar oats and dark chocolate chip
    Grapes , orange or banana
    That’s it my healthily lunch ish

  2. Raians brown bread sandwiches orange squash and chocolate chip cake all should be in all lunches in school and that’s a healthy lunch

  3. I learnt that when your eating junk food its always good to have energy but not to much and always exercise at least once a day or go to after school clubs like sports club or even outside school club or running clubs by emma 🙂

  4. Healthy eating is important to everyone because what you put in will affect the way you behave plus you cant get rid of fat that easily, remember Healthy eating, healthy life.
    made by Thomas Cheshire

    you should always have a balanced meal here are some things you need
    chicken= protein, cheese or milk=dairy, nuts=carbohydrates carrots=vitamins, fish=fats. by Lewis Wright

  5. Healthy food good for your body and bones.The protein in the food is good for body exampals of protein eggs meat bread beans fish cheese and nuts.All of this is good for you.

  6. For a healthy lunch you will need:
    Brown Bread
    You could have Eggs or cheese you choose or even have tuna fish cucumber and pepper lettuce as well.
    For desert you can have banana or any fruit that’s healthy or yogurt.
    Drinks Orange juice milk IF your allowed in school that’s it.
    Guideline Daily Amounts for children aged 5-10
     This is what you should be getting.
     A bottle of water
    to keep your child hydrated all day. Freeze on hot days to keep the lunch box (and your child) nice and cool. Don’t for get water.
    Some Nutritious snacks
    such as a small box or bag of dried fruit, rice cakes or unsalted.

    And remember: Treats like chocolate or chips should only be included occasionally, not every day. OR sweets or else your teeth will go rotten

    Pre-packaged snacks for kids’ lunchboxes can be convenient, but not all are healthy enough to include regularly. Our reviews of these snack foods have consistently found that very few meet our four nutritional criteria of acceptable energy, saturated fat, sugar and sodium levels. And that’s my Healthy lunch for you guys and for me as well.

  7. what I learnt about the food groups is that

    water restores all the water in your body, you lose this water in your body by sweating, peeing etc

    protein helps develop the body and repair it

    minerals keep diseases out of your body and keeps you healthy

    carbohydrates gives you energy

    and dietary fibres help get rid of undigested food

    and that’s it

  8. I learnt that you have to always eat healthy because if you don’t you get unhealthy and could get very sick.And if you exercise its even better because you keep fit as well and if your a boy and you exercise every week and get a six pack

    by Isobelle

  9. I’ve learnt that you need different food types for breakfast lunch and dinner you need vegetables like broccoli peas and Brussel sprouts keep you healthy and you also need to eat fat but not to much because fat gives you energy you need these food groups minerals carbohydrate proteins water fats and dietary fibres
    I also have a link to another video here it is

  10. Eggs are a protein, Bread is a carbohydarate Milk is a protein, butter is fats but it is good to have a little bit of fat bannanas are minerals that keep diseases away from you Fats give you lots of energy to start the day we can make a balanced diet by changing the amount of bad energy we suck into our bodies we could all be healthy and barely ever get sick. I think at least 3 quarters of our school isn’t eating properly but fruits fibers carbohydrates will help our diet

    • Is there anything we could do to help the rest of the school? Do we need a healthy eating program or awareness campaign?

  11. we have learnt to eat healthy foods not junk food like Takeaway like kfc and if we eat that food we will be unhealthy so as an example for eating healthy foods say if it is lunch time and your mum gives you apples and broccoli the girl say “Sorry mum I want chips and pizza.” Here are some examples for why fruits are healthy. They have vitamin c, it has protein and they are good for you.

  12. healthy eating is very important beacause if you don’t eat right you wont grow right aparantly. Our favourite healthy food is salad

  13. The food groups are proteins fats water carbohydrates dietary minerals vitamins
    carbs gives energy so do fat but you don’t burn it you’ll gain weight water is very crucial for our health it helps get rid of any water in your body by going in to the toilet

  14. The food groups are proteins, fats, water, carbohydrates, dietary minerals, vitamins.
    carbs gives energy so do fat but you don’t burn it you’ll gain weight water is very crucial for our health it helps get rid as the name

  15. Charlie cheynelle Kayden faysal: we have 3 fruits a day. we either have a cheese or any meat in a sandwich. Also we some sort of dairy every day like milk, cheese don’t forget dairy milk. we learnt that what you eat is what you digest. You have two types of fats good fats and bad fats,good fats you can digest easily and bad fats keep you warm and take slower to digest.

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