Roman Numerals Homework

This week I want you do some research and independent learning about Roman Numerals. Can you share what you know or find out? Are there any good games you can play to help remember the symbols? Where do we see them in real life?

Any useful advice or video clips you find, share with us to help all of our learning! You might even come up with your own questions as well as mine! 

Good luck!!!

Here are some sites that might be useful and some questions I would like you to try and answer:


Introduction to Roman Number System – Click here

Silly YouTube Clip – Click here – for a video clip

Roman Numerals Information
Roman Numerals PowerPoint – Quiz
Converting Roman Numerals Online Quiz 2 – Click here


The BBC shows the year its TV programmes are made in Roman Numerals. If a programme shows the year MMXIV, what is the year in our more familiar numerals?

A Roman might have said the time was “VII minutes to IX.” What time would that be?

What is the longest number between 1 and 2000 when depicted in Roman numerals?

Find two words that are also correctly formed Roman numbers. (Hint: one is very short!)

There are seven letters used as Roman numerals I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.

a.What is the smallest correctly formed Roman number using each numeral once?

b. What is the biggest?


Tom Sexton was born near Angeles Church on May sixth. What year was Tom born? (Hint: find all of the Roman numerals and arrange correctly)


66 thoughts on “Roman Numerals Homework

  1. 2000 years ago the Romans developed a system of counting we use today.

    The Romans numeral as far as we know was the only written numbering system used in Ancient Rome and Europe until about 900 ad when the Arabic numbering system which was originated by the Hindus came into use.

    • I’m glad you have found a way in that helps you! Remember to keep up little and often do that they stick.
      An excellent start to the year Maisie!

  2. Roman numerals were not only used to count objects they were also used for people who had the same name example:(Henry i, Henry ii and Henry iii.

  3. A római számok

    I 1 XVIII 18
    II 2 XIX 19
    III 3 XX 20
    IV 4
    V 5
    VI 6
    VII 7
    VIII 8
    IX 9
    X 10
    XI 11
    XII 12
    XIII 13
    XIV 14
    XV 15
    XVI 16.
    XVII 17
    I leanend this from my mum and dad

  4. i was born in 2008 . in roman numerals i was born in MMVIII . what year were you born in tell me in now and in numerals

  5. my sister was born in 2012 and i love the videos Na’mer they helped me with the sixes i’m gonna watch more soon ; ]

  6. I no that L=50, C=100, XX=20, XXX=30, M=1000 but there all easy so 👀 at this









    I can do it in my sleep 💤


  7. l x l =l
    II x II = IV
    lll x lll = XI
    lV x lV = XVl
    V x V= X
    Vl X Vl = XXXVl
    Vll x Vll = XLIX
    Vlll x VIIl = LXIV
    IX x IX = LXXXI
    X x X = C

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