Roundy Rounding


Here’s some ideas to help with rounding numbers and decimals.

What skills can we share?

What do we know so far?

What happens when you round decimals?

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  1. Rounding is when you get a number say 3,732,825 and you are rounding to the nearest thousand you will under line the thousand number 3,73 ,825 and then turn all the ones to the right of the number 0s and it will look like this 3,732,000 and if the number is 4 or under it sits tight if it’s 5 or more takes flight and because are number is two it sits tight so your answer is 3,732,000

  2. first I am going to give some tips then I am going to get on to the fun part.
    so say you had 52 you would round down because it is closer to 50,if you had 69 you would round up because it is closer to 70 and now I am going to tell you something really handy to do with rounding, you now use the number 5 a lot so the number 45 for example you would think you can go both ways but unfortunately you are wrong, you round up here is the saying to go with it
    five or move the number takes flight
    four or less just sit tight.
    now if you are confident you can start rounding decimals but you all don’t rush to this one.I learnt this in class so Mrs Millards group think and remember. If you use 4.6 you do the same as you would with the whole the answer is 5 because 6 is more than 5 so if you used units[this is just something to get you started with decimals]6 is just 4 less than 10 so as the answer is 5 just imagine it is ten. Now if you think this WRONG please come and tell me or comment that I did it wrong but I hope you do .

    • Remember we stick Cheynelle. If we say round down some people can get confused and take another 10 off!
      Excellent practice and grasp!

  3. Rounding :You can round decimals and whole numbers. Also significant numbers (in maths) if you have a five and you round it to the next 10 ,100 maybe even 1000 or more you may be wrong say if I had 454 you probably think it is rounded to 500 but because 4 is after the 50 it would actually go to the original number . Because 4,3,2 and 1 all round to the original number but 6,7,8 and 9 go up to the next 10,100,1000 maybe higher but any were up

    Significant : Significant in maths mean’s having a number say 567 256 the five is significant because it tells you the value so you can round it to significant. FROM GOOGLE I’ts basicly just having a meaning it is another method to gives

    How place value links:It links because what do you round to a value if you don’t believe me then go on maths is fun . Anyway’s here is some examples and questions 952 rounded to the nearest hundreth = 1000 you probably think because 1000 is a 1000 its wrong but its not because 1000 is =/the same as 10,000 here is some more 2345 to the nearest ten = 2350 or 2643 to the nearest thousand =2000.

    Qestion: 342 to the nearest 10 = 34
    3421 to the nearest 100 = 340
    654,345,921 to the nearest hundred million =600,000,000
    3453,212,123 to the nearest million thousand =3000,000,000

    • Excellent work Yatunde. You have really done your research! Have a house point!
      Now check some of the numbers you have rounded as there are a few mistakes. Can you spot them?

  4. You also can round decimals.say if you have 23 it’s rounded to 20 because23 is smaller than 30. This is how somebody teached me how to round.

  5. If you get a number like 2,678,456 you round the number to the nirist 10,000 it will be the 1,678,456seven that’s the last proper number becuse the rest will be zeros2,670,000.

  6. so say you have 2,678,456 then you go to the nearest ten thousand and ten thousand is seven so it will look like this 2,670,000 and if it is under 4 it stays tight if it is over 4 it takes flight.

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