New Year. 

Mrs B here! 🤓 I hope you have had a lovely holiday with plenty of rest, there is a lot to achieve this term!

This is the time of year when I like to set myself some more goals, I’m going to learn to play my ukulele which I got for Christmas. I may need some help. 

What are your goals for this term?


As well as your spelling mistakes in your books let us look at some endings. This is the ending ious. Can you think of any more? Can you put them into sentences?









We’ve been back a few days and some children are really using growth mindset. I’ve noticed a number of children who are working on their targets and stepping up the effort and commitment. Remember to shine for the right reasons and train that brain. 

Very proud Mrs B. 🤓

Awesome children. 

A very big well done to the following children this half term:

Thomas: for enthusiasm and commitment to blogging. 

Latesha: for consistent hard work. 

Ashia: for consistent hard work.

Rebeca: for her determination. 

Oli: his love of maths and improving his spelling and handwriting. 

Tyler M: for persevering with drama. 

Tamsin: teaching others how to up level. 

Carolina: for working hard. 

Shaun: for improving his spelling and handwriting. 


Look guys you really need to sort out your spellings. Endless lists and tests don’t work. You have to learn by sight, or use little rhymes plus proof read your work. Non-negotiables: with, where, wear, were, went, when, could, would, should, there, their, they’re, some, come, every, any. I’ll be looking for the most improved over the next few weeks.