Awesome children. 

A very big well done to the following children this half term:

Thomas: for enthusiasm and commitment to blogging. 

Latesha: for consistent hard work. 

Ashia: for consistent hard work.

Rebeca: for her determination. 

Oli: his love of maths and improving his spelling and handwriting. 

Tyler M: for persevering with drama. 

Tamsin: teaching others how to up level. 

Carolina: for working hard. 

Shaun: for improving his spelling and handwriting. 


Look guys you really need to sort out your spellings. Endless lists and tests don’t work. You have to learn by sight, or use little rhymes plus proof read your work. Non-negotiables: with, where, wear, were, went, when, could, would, should, there, their, they’re, some, come, every, any. I’ll be looking for the most improved over the next few weeks. 

Books, books, books. 

I’m reading a great book at the moment. It is set on a mountain which is covered by heavy snow. At the moment there are terrible monsters hiding in the woods waiting for their prey. They only strike when it snows!!

It is scary and I read it in bed just before I nod off. 😱

What are you enjoying reading?