Autumn Home Learning Project 2017

Homework Project Year 5 (Autumn – 2017)

Create a project on ‘A famous person from Northampton’

Project Details Due in
Produce a project based on

‘A famous person from Northampton.’



We are studying Northampton this term and I would like you to find out something out about the important people connected to the town.

Your task is to create a project on one influential or famous person from Northampton in whichever way you wish.

Things to consider and include:

  • Use the 5 w’s to explore the person and why they are important.
  • How did this person change the town or influence other people?
  • You may even share your opinions and that of others of why you think they are important or not.
  • Look around the town. You might see statues of your personality or buildings named after them. There might be information within our museums or stadiums about them.
  •  We also have a tourist information centre that might be able to help you.

Our focus for this project is knowledge and depth. This is what will earn you more house points. Any drawing or writing of any sort should be impeccably presented (as though it would be good enough to go into your Big Write books).

You may produce a model or practical piece that links to your character however it needs to be part of a homework that shows you have done a lot of research and have learnt a lot of facts about this person.


Remember that these projects will form part of your class showcase and display at the end of term, so make sure that what your produce is something that you will be proud to show off.

Friday 3rd November 2017


You have 7- 8 weeks (including a half term week) to complete this project and a finished piece is expected from everyone  – on time.

I expect to see a high standard of work that shows that a lot of time, planning and effort has gone into your project.

Please manage your time when completing your project – leaving it until the last minute creates stress and will not show your knowledge or depth of research! Come and see me at any time for help and support. I may ask you how you are getting on and what you have learnt so far during the 8 weeks.

Enjoy – Mrs Mansfield.