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Welcome agents of Shield. You have now had your first Shield session and now we are presenting you with your first mission. The mission is about RESEARCH and getting to know the gaming environment. This mission will teach you to do the following:

  • Blogging a post – making sure that the spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct.
  • Responding to another post – asking questions, posing problems and giving quality feedback.
  • Using search engines to find our information and then making this available to others – do not just copy and paste!
  • Research gaming to get a knowledge of what you need to know when you create your own.

How to succeed in your mission:

  • Choose a game that you are passionate about and have played often.
  • Use a search engine to find out as much as you can about your chosen game. Who designed it? What company created it? What genre is it? How do you score points, lose points?
  • Take all this information and blog your post. We want to know why you like the game and everything about it. Make sure that the content, spelling, punctuation and grammar is correct!
  • Look at other class posts and comment. You need to be specific – tell them what is good, what needs developing, what questions you need to pose and give them your opinion on the game they like.

You have a WEEK to do this session and the due date is TUESDAY 3rd FEBRUARY!

Good luck Agents of Shield!

81 thoughts on “MISSION 1 – RESEARCH PROJECT

  1. There are so many games that I like that to pick just one is very difficult. I have gone for Myst. Myst is a graphic adventure puzzle video game designed and directed by the brothers Robyn and Rand Miller. It was developed by Cyan. The Millers began working on Myst in 1991 and released it for the Macintosh on September 24, 1993.
    Myst puts the player in the role of the Stranger, who uses a special book to travel to the island of Myst. There, the player uses other special books written by an artisan and explorer named Atrus to travel to several worlds known as “Ages”. Clues found in each of these Ages help to reveal the back-story of the game’s characters. The game has several endings, depending on the course of action the player takes.

    The reason I really liked this game was that it was so different and you really had to think hard to complete it. There were puzzles everywhere – the whole island was a puzzle. I played part 2 and 3 but none of them matched the wonder of the first one!

  2. My favourite game is subway surfers because its an platform game. The creators of this game is Kiloo. They worked with SYBO games. This game is all about getting away from the guard trying to chase you. For this game you need constantraion and skill. You can change characters by collecting coins on the subway. The characters have 2 costumes each. To unlock the costumes you need keys. You can find them in mystery boxes. This game can come on your phone, tablet and iPad.

  3. The most best game I have played is Bin weevils. The reason why is because you can make friends ,go shopping, get up level up
    and become a secret agent. Now I have told you about why its the best game i will tell you its history
    bin weevils was created in march 2007.it has all so won BAFTA kids for 4 years in a row 2011,2012,2013 and 2014.it started off
    as a cartoon series on nickelodeon in 2003.it had a huge success so they made a online game.in April 2010 it was announced
    that bin weevils were going through a revamp (improving the site),a few weeks later bin weevils redid there whole website
    and game that meant they wasn’t owned by nickelodeome.in Autumn 2014 released there new game weevil world. James and mike
    made binweevils.it was made 6 years ago 17.13 23rd of January 2008.http://www.binweevils.com/.Now I have told you its
    history i will show you Bin weevils timeline.
    1998=bin weevils cartoon with tank and clot.
    2000=bin weevils open up and makes a world.
    2002=the partnership begins with nickelodeon.
    2004=the partnership ends.
    2007=bin weevils have a makeover.
    2007=the weevils wheels was made so people can race.
    2008=Bin pets were invented.
    2008=mulch island was added to the map.
    2008=the shopping mall got more shops.
    2009=fire works in tanks orange peel.
    2010=the tycoon towers was realised with tycoon island and its shops.
    2010=the gardens were added to the maps.
    2010=the haggle hut was realised to the holiday parks.
    2012=the magazine was realised.
    2015=bin weevils is perfect
    Thanks for reading

  4. My favourite game is Minecraft because you can play lot’s of different things like Hunger Games,Hide And Seek,Pokemon,PvP,Survival Mode,Creative Mode,Capture The Flag and lot’s more enjoyable activities.In Hunger Games you kill people to be the last survivor in the game.In Hide And Seek you turn into a block and hide in the best possible place you can find.In Pokemon you catcher creatures and fight with them against other creatures or players.In PvP you get lot’s of armour and weapons to fight with.Last person standing wins the game.Survival Mode you try your best to survive against the mobs such as creepers,skeletons,zombies,spiders,endermen and lot’s more scary mobs.In Creative Mode you build anything you want to.In Capture The Flag you there is team defence and team attack and you steal the enemy’s flag.Most flags stolen wins.

    The person who invented Minecraft was Markus Persson who you mite now a Notch and the developers are Mojang company.The main characters are Herobrine,Steve,Notch the creator of the game. Minecrafts graphics are good although they don’t look good you can install Texture packs what make the game look different and a lot better.In Minecraft they have these things called servers and you can play with lot’s of random people and friends.You can play this game on console,computer,iPad,iPhone and lots more. Minecraft don’t have targets to complete the game.To complete Minecraft you have to kill the ender dragon. Miencraft was realised in May 17th,2009.In Minecraft you can do lot’s of different jobs like farmer,builder,wood cutter,adventurer and lot’s more. Emeralds and Diamonds are the hardest block to find in the game. Minecraft is also a Sandbox game.There is lot’s of different modes like survival mode,creative mode,adventure mode and spectator mode. Minecraft has sold 54 million copies.

  5. Because you get to be famous and hang out with kim kardasian and her sister’s then you work hard to get stars and dollars and more levels you also have to move to beverly hills and get hotel and work with simon. But simon has to be your manager and you get payed. Then you go to the photograhper, and take pictures then you go to your dressing room and put some make up and dress in something more stylish and put your hair in pretty curls. You can buy more acsessories,hair styles and clothes while your at it when you’ve finished you can collect your money and go the fashion show. Tap the flying markers to collect money and get more moves on the stage. After that you get to go to the pub with kim and chat while your doing that try to charm her as well.

  6. My chosen game is: Subway Surfers !!!

    I chosen this game because any device I have I get it . Everytime I am playing this game it just gets more and more fun each time you play it .Each time I play it you just get stuck to it and you don’t want to stop . This game is also really fun because you can collect loads of keys and coins and you can get so much more!

    CHARACTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of the characters are really cool and there are loads of them : Jake, Tricky, Spike, Yutani, Fresh, Frizzy and Lucy . There are obviously way more characters because they are just the main characters you always have, you can also get different characters for each country !!!!!!!!

    FACTS ABOUT SUBWAY SURFERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The publishers of this game is kiloo and the developers are SYBO games and kiloo aswell .The release date of this game was May 2012 .The devices that you can get this game on is iOS, Android, kindle and windows phone!

    Thank you for reading
    Hope you enjoyed it
    Kelise x

  7. Happywheels is a very addictive game once you have finished one level you can move on to another .These level are very hard especially the pokamon level one of the main characters is in it peckachu he is very evil even though in a film he is sometimes nice there are lots of characters you can play as such as…
    Pogo stick man
    The lady with the shopping
    Man with the tractor
    The motorbike couple
    2 kids and mum
    Man in wheel chair
    Farther and son
    And many more once you get to play this game you would not get of it after a while it gets abit frustrating but its a very funny game once you get to know it.

  8. My favourite game is Disney infinity because its full of action and adventure.
    it was released in 2010 and if someone wanted to improve it they would have to pay £100,000 pounds.

    the game was made for xbox 360,play station 3,wii,wii u and Nintendo 3DS. Most people may know that Disney infinity is like the game sky landers. They both include platform characters that you place on a board so they get transformed into the game for exiting adventures in different amazing worlds. If you go on toy box world it turns into a sand box game which is where you create the world your self. Who created it? Well, Heavy iron studio created Disney infinity. If i could sum up Disney infinity in one word it would be MAGICAL.✨✨

  9. My game is: subway surf.

    Because it was release may 2012 and the game was puilshers by kiloos.Developer by SYBO .You can get it on everything like (iphones,android,kindles , microsoft phones and tables)

    When I play it I think it is amazing and the characters are factastic.( The charaters are tricky,tasha,lucy,dj fresh,spicke,dino,yutani,jake,frank,frizzy,king,ninja,tagbot,zoe,brody,prince k)
    you can also get surf borads (freestyler, bouncer, hot rod, skull fire, hoverboard,lowrider,starboard and a lot more.You win all objets like toys and you go on all different country like china and england and when you get 1000 it get faster when you reach a high score like 2000 or 3000 and a lot more.

    I love playing it because it gets better every time I play the game and some times it helps you on you maths and english and a lot more because you need you to spell words and it gives you maths sums like 2+8= or something hard.

    Thank you
    for reading
    charlotte thomson
    year 5

  10. My game is: subway surf.

    Because it was release may 2012 and the game was puilshers by kiloos.Developer by SYBO .You can get it on everything like (iphones,android,kindles , microsoft phones and tables)

    When I play it I think it is amazing and the characters are factastic.( The charaters are tricky,tasha,lucy,dj fresh,spicke,dino,yutani,jake,frank,frizzy,king,ninja,tagbot,zoe,brody,prince k)
    you can also get surf borads (freestyler, bouncer, hot rod, skull fire, hoverboard,lowrider,starboard and a lot more.You win all objets like toys and you go on all different country like china and england and when you get 1000 it get faster when you reach a high score like 2000 or 3000 and a lot more.

    I love playing it because it gets better every time I play the game and some times it helps you on you maths and english and a lot more because you need you to spell words and it gives you maths sums like hard ones

  11. Lego Batman 3 is my favourite Lego game because there is a variety of things to do, such as collecting unique and interesting charaters

    • and weird side quests. There is no free roam but to make up for it there are hub worlds. The creators of Lego batman 3 are T, t games, Dc comics and WB games. There are approximately over 100 characters apart from DLC which means downloadable content.

  12. My favorite game is FIFA 15 because it inspires me to become a footballer one day and its just my passion. There are different gamemodes such as ultimate team and kick off. FIFA 15was created septemper 23rd 2014 . the creators of E.A sports . The only consoles that fifa can be used on are PS4 PS3 Xbox one ands Xbox 360 , tablets and phones and p.cs and play station vitas windows and I.o.s , Mess I is on every cover around the world along side a player who plays in that league hazard is ours. My favorite game mode is fida ulitimate team because you earn coins by playing matches against other contenders around the world .

    My favorite game is Smurfs Village because I can create and build whatever I want. The type of game it is, is where your god. On the way you get a few mission. In the mission it will tell you whether you are running low on crops or you need to buy more huts because a smurf hasn’t got a home. I like this game because it needs you to keep going on it and also the fact you’re in charge.

    The creator of the game is a company called Beeline. In 2010 the smurfs village expanded into the world of gaming. It reached 1 million down-loads worldwide. The game came out November 11th 2010. As well the game came out from Android 28th September 2011.

    The target for them is to create a new village but much better than the one that Gargamel ruined. Also the more mushroom homes built the more smurfs can come back from wandering in the forest. Not only that you can grow crops which can wither if you don’t take them of. You have a mixture of smurfs you can collect, as well as that you have huts that come with characters such as: Papa smurf, Smurfette, Clumsy, Brainy, Hefty and much more. They all have there own individual personality’s.

    On this game you can get xp, and you need 100% of it and then you level up. You can also have smurfberries which you need to buy things from in the store. Things like animals, huts, and a lot more. Then also you have coins that disappear but you get them back slowly.

    Once you get to a certain level you can build a rocket, boat and a hot air balloon. There other parts of your village, the best part of them are you get to see yourself travel and you can build it how ever you want!

    • Abbie, I like how you’ve been really informative.

      A good use of paragraphs!

      You’ve answered the questions that Mr. Wolmarans asked us to answer, so well done!

      But however the part where you said “came out from Android is supposed to be for Android” so just keep that in mind about your grammar! Also what device/console/electronic can you play it on? Besides that you’ve accomplished the task given! Keep it up!

  14. Minecraft was founded by a Swedish man called Notch. on the pc version Mojang develop the game but on console e.g(Ps4, Ps3, xbox360 and xbox one) also the pocket edition is 4Jstudios and Microsoft but Microsoft only develop the console version. Minecraft never really gets old because the game company’s are constantly updating with nether bug fix’s or major block or redstone update’s.

    Minecraft is a peaceful open world game you can build city’s, adventure maps or mini games like hide and seek, cops and robbers, hunger games and many more. In survival you can die from mobs, fall damage fire, lava or even drown in the blue sea.It is also multiplayer so you can play with your friend’s and family!

  15. Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    The creators of Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is Travellers Tales and TT Fusion

    The genre is Action/Adventure because the fighting and journeys to different hub worlds makes it a splendid game to play!

    The wide range of characters is unbelievable due to unique powers, styles and personalities! You won’t be disappointed, trust me!!! Over 150+ playable characters.

    The game was made because it made a lot of profit and boys/girls all age groups loved it.Now the game itself in own experience is suitable for all age groups because the violence is mild and the comedy is hilarious.

    Travellers Tales and TT Fusion have thought carefully about what needs to be in this game, because they’ve added extras like cheat codes and characters like Aquaman that give you quests!!! Unique quests like collecting flags or flight missions and many more. So that’s what gave the game a twist. 

    As well as the gold bricks – there’re 250 gold bricks and loads of these bricks require characters with digging abilities or magnetic/transportation senses and many more powers which you can’t even imagine!!! 

    There is also something called a red brick and it helps you. From stud multipliers to unlimited jetpack fuel. 

    But don’t think that is the end because this game let’s your imagination flow also all the creative ideas come out and into the game!!! By this I mean character customization! This let’s you make your own characters mainly for fun and quests. Unfortunately, you can only choose from the characters you have unlocked or achieved in   quests! (So a limited amount). 

    Now the comedy kicks in because in every level there is this guy called Adam West, (who is a host/presenter in Gotham City), and he somehow gets himself in a pickle – by that I mean stuck in a weird contraption. There is two ways you can find him. The first way is to run around the whole hub world/place and you will hear him cry for help or unlock and buy a specific red brick which gives you a radar that detects him. 

    Studs are basically points/coins. You collect them in levels and hub worlds, (because they’re scattered everywhere) The studs values are Silver Studs – 10 credits
    Gold Studs – 100 credits
    Blue Studs – 1000 credits
    Purple Studs – 10’000 credits
    As you can see the Purple Studs have the greatest value. Also when you are fighting you get a combo for a short limited amount of time. You can use these combos, (whilst you have them), to pick up studs which have a greater value then they would’ve before!!! So a terrific and useful idea when you are low on them and want to spend them

    Hope you enjoyed reading 
    If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

  16. my favourite game is moshi monsters because is fun. In moshi monsters you can be a hero and do quiz like maths ones and sometimes I play puzzles and different things.
    fiey is the oldest fury is a big fury monster
    the smallest one is lovely, lovely is a love hart shape and a little green thing on her head
    who made moshi monsters? Michel action smith.
    over 70million people have adopted them in 150 contrives

  17. My faviourt game is furby boom.

    I like it because you can hatch baby furblings and feed them also wash them. And if you have a crystel furby boom you can un lock the crystal world

    There is lots of different type’s of furbys like the furby boom and furby rockers .

  18. My favourite game is Lego marvel because the charactors are awesome and I love it on Xbox 360 and it is also a free roming game and I really like going to lady liberty and my character is magneto and I like the xmantion!

  19. my favourite game is zombotron 2 because the level get hard and hard
    did you kwon about the you can have a shop to by some gun
    and a hill .In level1 you can go to the zombie is you poitun
    to they haut and you will kill them easy.
    some level you will have a partner to help you for
    you but sometimes she will die but you can hill her sometime

  20. My favourite game is Minecraft. It is one of the best game sever. I love it so much because you get to build, craft, kill horrible creatures. Mr Wolmarans if your wandering how to do thing I will send you in a recipe of all the things you need to on a piece of paper and how to survive

  21. my best game is also mine craft because you can do anything you can go on survival and try to survive or go on creative and build what your heart deasiars

    what I have built
    on mine craft I have made a snow castel and inside is elsas castle fron frozen I built it all and I have made a stachew of a mine craft pig, cow , dog, cat and a massive tree which I have tearend into a hotel and I have built much more

    minecraft was made by notch but he sold it to micrasoft
    in mine craft there is a dragon called ender dragon if you kill it you get a dragon egg

  22. mine craft was made by a man named noch he sold it to Microsoft. and I like the game because you get to macke aney thing and its crative and fun. there are dragens and annama and piges and chikins and you can go on svivel and it is dangeros becase mobs come alfter you.

  23. my favourite game to play is candy crush.5 things toy need to know about candy crush.

    1:it is known all over the world.
    2:there is two versions of it original and hacked.
    3:it is a Facebook app.
    4:it was made on the twelve of April 2012.
    5:it is more popular in HONG KONG.

    there are some things you need to know about candy crush

    by millie

  24. 5 steps for completing stick hero!!!!!!
    1)press phone or devise to made a bridge
    2)if you see a cherry press quick then press again
    3) try to get a high score

  25. part 1
    The game I chose was mine craft because its one of my favourite games and I know most about.

    2009 history

    May: Notch releases a game to the public and calls it cave man and the first mob is created [a human] . Later on he changed it to minecraft.

    June: You could play multiplayer and they added some skins.

    August: Notch released survival and added a health bar [the love hearts]

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