Here we go Agents of Shield!

You need to create a simple 3D game for others to play. The game needs to be created on Purplemash and you will be learning the following skills:

1) How to create the basic layout of a game to make it easy or difficult.

2) How to add success in to the game by giving the gamer points.

3) How to add challenge in to the game by adding enemies.

4) How to share your game with others and get feedback on how to improve.

How to be successful in the mission:

1) Go to www.purplemash.co.uk/sch/lings and login. Go to 2 do it yourself 3D.

2) Create a basic game in the programme using the tools they have given you. PASS

3) Change the scoring and enemy element of the game to make it different. SILVER

4) Change the whole game structure to make it a game about Hamlet. GOLD

5) Post the game up for others to play and use their feedback to improve your game. GOLD STAR

Good luck agents of Shield!

171 thoughts on “MISSION 2 – GAME CREATION 1

  1. Somone coment to my games dont be scared rember I can change anything you want.This is good for me if you want me to change anything.

    • I like how you used an image of Shakespeare and that you put dead ends so its more difficult ,as I found it until I got used to it.

      I rate it a 9.9/’10 because it was challenging but fun.

    • It was a good game nut you forgot to put what it’s about and you haven’t changed your apples but I did like your guards.

    • Belinda, i liked your characters and enemies but in the top right corner i couldn’t get through because a bad guy was blocking the way. so maybe try and play it your self.

  2. here is my mission three. mission three wasn’t up when i tried to do it so I’ve done it on here. hhttp://www.purplemash.com/?~c3c9NDkwNDU=Hope you enjoy it and get a challenge stuck in your head:).

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