Well done agents – 2 mission complete and now on to your third!

This is all about creating your own game with your own theme and own gameplay. In this mission you will learn to do the following:

  • Create game themes.
  • Create quality game play.
  • Develop a level of challenge for the gamer.

How to be successful in this mission:

  • Create a game on 2DIY 3D within Purplemash – one that is based on your own theme.
  • Post this game on the blog site so others can play it. PASS
  • Change the way the ‘baddies’ respond and create at least three different types. SILVER
  • Change the way the points work so that there are at least three different types. GOLD
  • Create a game that has at least 5 positive comments from other children in your class. GOLD STAR

Good luck agents – see you after the holidays!

167 thoughts on “MISSION 3 – GAMING PROTOTYPE 2

    • Holly I love your theme and it was expected from you! You stuck to it! This game was so irritating – (in a good way!) The ender dragon was getting in my way and it was really funny because I felt like I was actually playing Minecraft! So thanks! You done a great job

    • Your game is extremely hard and I died about 20 seconds into the game. Your placement of the bricks are an hard way to get around so you should look into that. Apart from that well done!

      • I like your concept and you stuck to your theme! I really loved the DC theme! It was a tiny bit simple but I think you will work on that! Your game was different because you played as a bad guy. the info screen was wrong because there was nothing!

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