Welcome Shield agents to Mission 4!

This mission is all about coding. In this mission you will work at your own speed and will develop your Mastery of coding.

This means that there are no mission ratings – how far can you go?


  • Go to purplemash and login.
  • Go to 2code and start with he ‘fun with fish’ challenge.
  • Remember that the last challenge will always be a free code challenge so YOU will have to decide if you have passed it!
  • Your goal is to get as far as you can. Year 5 and 6 should get to Gibbon level but lets see what you can do!
  • If you get stuck there are hints that you can click on to help you out.

Good luck agents and if you need any further help then just blog a question and others will answer you!

42 thoughts on “MISSION 4 – CODING

  1. I am stuck on the level were you have to make the frog turn into a prince when the princesses collides with him,

    please help me

  2. hi im stuck on the magician level where after 5 seconds you make the rabbit disappeare then 5 seconds after you make the rabbit reappear but it don’t seem to work can you help me out.

  3. im stuck on the princess and the frog on level 3 because when the princess collides with the frog it turns into a prince?

  4. peeps help!!!!!
    i’m stuck on the turtle one were you have to move forward 2 then then clock wise 1 then what do you have to do….
    please help

  5. Help guys i don’t what it means on the sparkler game . It says number between 10 and 20 and I not that good on numbers between two numbers e.g number between 70 and 80.

    please help!

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