#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

#NPATEK What an exciting day! A package has come in to school that explains that we are going on an adventure. It has asked us to research great adventurers, decide what a great adventurer would wear, what they would have in their backpack and where would they go. It also talked about Africa and asked us to find out about the animals and wildlife that live there. So come on then – tell us what you have found out and let the Adventure begin!

Please start your response with #NPATEK so that others can follow your journey!

2 thoughts on “#NPATEK Owenza – The adventurer

  1. i thought it it was a child who ran away and he/she needed our help.I thought the message was a clue and he/she had already started the adventure.When we first saw it I thought that it was a kite or a parrishoot.Me and Mrs B and freacked out as we did not know what was happening.

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